Fighters 28 times fired at positions of the APU, two wounded soldiers – the headquarters

In a zone of carrying out anti-terrorist operation on Saturday, February 11, as of 18: 00 the fighters 28 times fired at positions Armed forces of Ukraine, losses among the Ukrainian military there, wounded two, said the headquarters of ATO.

For 11 days in the Donbas killed, 9 civilians wounded 41 — Hg
In Avdiivka restored 149 homes, the first group of evacuees ready to return to the city
Fighters fire from light weapons Avdeevka around the clock
The Russian curators ordered his fighters to hinder the work of the OSCE and interested in the attitude of local Zakharchenko
In 2017, the Donetsk region police arrested 31 militants
In the Luhansk region have disappeared Ukrainian scouts

«The militants continue to violate the peace and fire on our positions from the Minsk agreements prohibited weapons… Only recorded 28 attacks. Unfortunately, two of our military are wounded», – stated in the summary of the press center of staff ATO.

In the direction of Mariupol mortars fired Ukrainian positions near Pavlopol. Rocket-propelled grenades, heavy machine guns and small arms — Novotroitsk, Gnutovo, Pavlopol, Shirokino and Water. At Shirokino fire kept enemy infantry fighting vehicles.

On Donetsk the direction from mortars of various calibers militants fired Avdiyivka and Novoselovka the Second, and rocket-propelled grenades, heavy machine guns and small arms — Sands, Avdeevka, Experienced and Trinity.

For 11 days in the Donbas killed, 9 civilians wounded 41 — Hg

From January 29 to February 9 in the Donbas were injured 41 civilians, 9 dead.
This was announced by first Deputy head of the Special monitoring mission of OSCE in Ukraine Alexander Hg at a press conference on Saturday, February 11 in Donetsk, transfers «Ukrainian truth».

«For the period from January 29 to February 9, we recorded the following: confirmed 50 cases of wounds of the population, 9 of which were fatal. This is an unacceptably high number of victims. This happened due to the fact that the weapons a long time ago had to be taken away,» said hug.

He also said that the number of violations of ceasefire regime in the Donbas declined, but remains unacceptably high.

«You know about the high number of violations of the ceasefire, which was learned last week. Violations dropped significantly in recent days, but they still remain unacceptably high. From midnight on Feb 9 to midnight on 10 February, the OSCE mission has recorded 460 violations of the cease-fire in Lugansk region — 55 violations», — said the first Deputy head of SMM OSCE in Ukraine.

He added that from midnight Saturday until 01.30, the OSCE mission has recorded about 500 violations of the cease-fire.

Hug also said that the risk of a new escalation of the situation in the Donbass remains high.

«The causes of violations are the presence of heavy weapons in areas where weapons should not be. For example, February 5, we saw 2 tanks T-64 in Vasilevka, February 3, we saw seven howitzers in Makeyevka, February 6 we saw 11 howitzers in Bohoyavlenka, and this is just some of our observations. And as long as it’s heavy weapon is where should not be, the risk of violence remains high,» said hug.

In his opinion, another reason why the situation may again escalate a too close arrangement of the positions of the warring parties.

«If these positions will remain close to each other, and between them there will remain a distance, the risk is inevitable,» said the OSCE representative.

In Avdiivka restored 149 homes, the first group of evacuees ready to return to the city

In Avdiivka after shelling militants of the restored 149 houses.
About this informed the head of the Donetsk oblica Pavel Zhebrivsky on the Facebook page.

According to him, on Sunday, February 12, the city plans to return the first group of 23 residents, including 9 children who previously left the city during the activation of the fire fighters.

«Some residents of the private sector rebuilding their homes themselves, we provide them with building materials. In the town we repair not only that the Russian mercenaries have destroyed over the past week, but those of more than 800 objects that were destroyed in the city since the beginning of the Russian aggression,» said zhebrivskyi.

In turn, the head of CAA Avdeevka Pavel Malykhin in the TV channel «112 Ukraine» reported that on Sunday I plan to return home 30 previously evacuated residents of the Town who filed the corresponding application.

According to Malykhina, the situation in the city controlled, the city is quiet, but the units of the Ukrainian military forces in Avdiivka the industrial area continued shelling.

Note from Avdeevka evacuated about 300 people.

Fighters 28 times fired at positions of the APU, two wounded soldiers – the headquarters 12.02.2017

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