Fighter «Dnipro-1», risking their lives, saved the bomb squad

On January 27, the pyrotechnic team of special forces conducted a mine clearance site on the frontline in the ATO area. They were accompanied by fighters of a regiment «Dnieper-1». About it reports «5 channel».

The group got on a stretch. The fighter with the Callsign «Klim» was not taken aback and with his further professional action group the bomb squad of 5 people was injured. However, as a result of explosion the fighter received a shrapnel wound to the leg and rupture soft tissues. He was taken to the hospital. Mechnikov, life guy is in no danger.

Recently, rescuers, representatives of the regiment «Dnepr-1», the management of hospital and see him.

Note, the militants continue to violate the conditions of de-escalation of the conflict in the Donbas over the past day, they are 53 times opened fire on positions of ATO forces, including from weapons prohibited by the Minsk agreements.

Fighter «Dnipro-1», risking their lives, saved the bomb squad 01.02.2016

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