FIFA thinks about the cancellation of offsides and yellow cards

Technical Director of the International football Federation (FIFA) , Marco van Basten offered to give up offsides and yellow cards, as well as to amend the rules of the game a number of other changes. It is reported by Sky Sports.

Instead of deletions and yellow cards van Basten proposes to introduce time penalties. The players will be out of the game for 5 or 10 minutes, depending on the violation.

To cancel the offsides, the technical Director of FIFA offers for entertainment games to teams it was more difficult to defend.

The Dutchman also proposed to introduce a series of bullets instead of penalties. Instead of two halves of 15 minutes, each team will have five attempts to score a goal. With 25-ti metres, the player will accelerate with the ball, and go to the gate. After 8 seconds the player completes the action, the judge ends the episode.

Also van Basten would take only pure playing time in the last 10 minutes of the game; to allow substituted players to take to the field; to increase the number of allowed substitutions to 4-5; ban players, except the captain, to speak with the judge.

We will remind, recently in FIFA voted to 2026 at the world Championships was attended by 48 teams, not 32.

FIFA thinks about the cancellation of offsides and yellow cards 19.01.2017

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