Fesenko: Why competitive selection of governors refused it now? The President is insured

After the presidential elections in Ukraine is likely to be resumed, the procedure of competitive selection of candidates for the posts of heads of regional state administrations. This opinion to the edition «GORDON» was expressed by the political scientist, the head of the Board of the Center for applied political studies «Penta» Volodymyr Fesenko, commenting on the entry into force of the law abolishing the provisions on competitive selection of heads of local state administrations and heads of Central bodies of Executive power.

«The governors previously appointed by the President. However, the procedure of selection of candidates was carried out on a competitive basis. Nominations were submitted by the Cabinet, and the President claimed them with his decree. It was in the past, and remains now. But now they abandoned the contest. I hope temporarily. In my opinion, after some time, we will return to the competitive selection of candidates for the posts of heads of regional state administration. Most likely, it will happen after presidential elections. Although the tender procedure, of course, needs to be improved,» – said Fesenko.

According to him, the President draws the attention of heads of regional state administration on the fact that they report directly to him.

«Why the competitive selection of the governors refused it now? The President is insured. The influence of the governors, with the exception of a few regions, the electoral process was limited. And now, even more. To use so-called administrative resource has become more difficult now than before. Currently much better work corruption mechanisms. Changes to the law on appointment of governors needed for the President because of the increasing political tension in the country. The head of state through changes in legislation demonstrates to the Governor that they are now directly subordinated to him», – said the analyst.

He believes that the Ukrainian authorities do not hurry with the implementation of administrative decentralization.

«Now the key factor is not the appointment of heads of regional state administration, and their dismissal. The President wants to control the governors, to avoid the risk of loss of a region due to manifestations of separatism. And a long competitive process weakened its capabilities. He will also be able to influence the administration, if they will not accept those political decisions. Overall, I think that in terms of military-political conflict with Russia should not hurry with the administrative decentralization», concluded Fesenko.

Changes to the law «On state service», the Verkhovna Rada adopted on 9 November.

«The purpose of the bill is to bring certain provisions of laws of Ukraine «On local state administrations», «On Central Executive authorities», «On the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine» and «On state service» in accordance with articles 106, 116, 118 of the Constitution of Ukraine», – stated in the explanatory note to the document.

The law «On civil service», the Verkhovna Rada adopted on 10 December 2015.

The adoption of the document was one of the conditions of implementation by Kiev of the agreement on the financing of the contract for Ukraine on development of the state, signed on 13 may 2014 in Brussels.

The act provides for a competitive procedure for admission to the civil service and governing its conduct. While vacancies are not a competition, shall be subject to reduction. Among the requirements for civil servants – the possession of a state language, and appropriate work experience.

Fesenko: Why competitive selection of governors refused it now? The President is insured 15.11.2017

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