Fesenko: Saakashvili is no angel, he’s got the oligarchic sources of financial support

Ukrainian authorities went to arrest the leader of the «Movement novih forces» of Mikhail Saakashvili, to prevent blocking of the presidential Administration his supporters, said in comments to the edition «GORDON» the political scientist, the head of the Center for applied political studies «Penta» Volodymyr Fesenko.

«Recently the Ukrainian authorities have avoided direct action against Saakashvili and other public figures, including MPs. The fact that effectively different tactic. But now the authorities have decided to act more firmly. Why? I think they drew attention to Saakashvili’s promises to block the presidential Administration. Most likely, it was confirmed that this is not just empty words. That is, the government felt that Saakashvili and his followers crossed the red line. It was therefore decided to forestall – to delay Saakashvili. This would nip in the Bud the intention to hold a rally on Bankova,» – said the analyst.

According to him, after Saakashvili’s arrest will worsen relations between the authorities and the opposition.

«Another option. The government saw that the action under the Rada does not have mass support, and decided to go on the offensive. I think the deciding factor was the authorities ‘ fears that supporters of Saakashvili can proceed to violent actions. But at the moment the main danger for the government in the determination of Saakashvili’s supporters after his arrest. There is a risk of a collision. Another problem – after today’s events will intensify conflicts between the government and the part of the opposition. Although the bulk of the opposition forces will be watching, using these events to criticize the government. They can intervene only in case, if you see significant support from the population. Saakashvili is no angel, he’s got the oligarchic sources of financial support. However if to speak about Moscow, then to her he’s a long-standing irritant,» – said Fesenko.

On the morning of 5 December, the speaker of the security Service of Ukraine Elena Gilanskaya said that in the house at Saakashvili the General Prosecutor’s office conducts investigations. Activists tried to block the exits of the building. At the house of ex-President of Georgia scuffle.

In the SBU reported that Saakashvili detained under part 1 of article 256 of the Criminal code of Ukraine (promotion of members of the criminal organizations and concealment of their criminal activities).

The policy was placed in the car of the security Service of Ukraine, a car blocked by protesters.

The Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko said that Saakashvili had received from Russia about $500 thousand for financing meetings with the aim to overthrow the government in Ukraine. In addition, according to the head of the GPU, in addition to the seizure of power, the purpose of the leader of the «Movement novih forces» the termination of the criminal proceedings against fugitive businessman Sergei Kurchenko and the restoration of its control over assets in Ukraine.

Day 5 Dec activists freed Saakashvili from the minibus of law enforcement, the politician urged his supporters to go to the Parliament building and demand the adoption of the law on impeachment of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. Activists arrived to the tent city in the capital Hrushevskoho street.

Saakashvili, speaking on stage at the Parliament building in Kiev, called his arrest «a provocation and theft». According to him, the security Service of Ukraine has turned into «a branch of the FSB.»

Fesenko: Saakashvili is no angel, he’s got the oligarchic sources of financial support 05.12.2017

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