Ferret almost stopped the Large hadron Collider

At the Large hadron Collider mounted monorail robotic system to monitor the status of the tunnel and equipment. It is reported Vnews Agency.

«The new system consists of two robots-inspectors TIM mounted on the ceiling the monorail, originally used for the transport system of the Large electron-positron Collider,» said CERN.

Ceiling monorail allows robots to move along the 27-kilometer tunnel of the Collider and to monitor the condition of equipment, timely discovering of a fault — for example, this year on the Tank ferret chewed through the cable 66 kV electric transformer, causing at CERN a power outage.

The robots can move at speeds up to six miles per hour and is designed to monitor the status of the tunnel, testing the bandwidth of telecommunication equipment, as well as to gather information about the temperature and the oxygen content in the air. In addition, robots TIM can carry small loads, to transmit the image with conventional and infrared cameras, as well as data from advanced sensors and instruments installed on Board.

Large hadron Collider — the largest at the moment, the device for carrying out accelerator experiments in particle physics. Inside the ring the protons are accelerated to energies of about 6.5 GeV and collide in four points of intersection of colliding beams. One of the main scientific results of the LHC was the discovery of the Higgs boson, which physicists o announced in 2012. Interestingly, boson is already apparent in the new statistics, collected in 2016.

Ferret almost stopped the Large hadron Collider 29.11.2016

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