FEMEN activist announced the actual collapse of the movement

Yana Zhdanova, an activist of the movement Femen, known for his scandalous actions, said that the organization in fact, collapsed in 2015, and everyone who still uses the brand on the stock, do so entirely on their own initiative. In an interview with Ukrainian edition of «Apostrophe» Zhdanov, who now lives in Paris, said that «everything parted like ships at sea».

«The team that was before, not anymore,» she added.

In response to the question about who conducts on behalf of FEMEN actions in Europe and in Ukraine Yana Zhdanova explained that in Spain, France, and Ukraine left to a few activists who are trying to do something.

«But is: sat-sat, and then suddenly thought, well, shall we go in to do something. System and concept that was initially, when we every day including weekends and holidays, worked for the benefit of our ideas — it’s all over,» said the activist.

According to her, in 2013, the movement has moved from the Ukraine to France and then lasted another two years. Then the girls said about the political pressure on the organization and threats.

After moving, according to Zhdanov, «everything started to crumble and fall apart». The activist noted that even knows who is now in France engaged in the FEMEN website and click movement in Facebook.

Most women who hold shares on behalf of FEMEN, as it seems Yana zhdanovoj, do not understand what you are doing.

«Now FEMEN is no longer an organization, and style of protest. The style that we created throughout the existence of our organization, just borrowing,» she said.

Yana Zhdanova was one of the most famous activists of the movement FEMEN, founded in Ukraine in 2008 by Anna Hutsol, Alexandra Shevchenko and Inna Shevchenko.

The movement started its activity with the protests, during which activists appeared in public areas Topless with slogans printed on her naked body.

In particular, the movement held their shares at the Independence square in Kiev, near the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and the headquarters of Gazprom in Moscow and at polling stations in different countries.

Participants of FEMEN declared support for the struggle for women’s rights. The activists were mainly for freedom of speech, the freedom and independence of Ukraine and against Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Yana Zhdanova in 2012 were directly involved in the campaign against the visit of Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill in Ukraine — she ran up to him at the airport with written on the chest with the slogan Kill Kirill. It was not only the antireligious campaign zhdanovoj. In 2014, she undressed at St. Peter’s square at the Vatican, showing on the chest the inscription «God – woman». After that, she was denied entry to the Vatican.

In the same 2014 Yana Zhdanova spent in France Topless protest, during which attacked with an aspen stake to a wax figure of Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Museum. She was accused of exhibitionism, but the activist was able to convince the court of his innocence.

FEMEN activist announced the actual collapse of the movement 24.01.2017

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