Felshtinsky: what is happening in Russia today resembles the junta

The current government in Russia has signs of the junta. This broadcast of «Radio Liberty» said the Russian-American historian Yuri Felshtinsky.

«I think that structurally, most of what is happening in Russia today resembles the junta. Not because it’s abusive and a bad word, but because the people who are now in power – they really did not choose the term of them in power none of us known, maybe by these people is also not known,» he said.

The historian noted that he does not believe the FSB monolithic structure, consciously steering the country.

«This institution, this institution. I think it’s not how they are United with each other in conversation with us, told us they have disagreements very much, but when they are with each other, they are, nevertheless, United, they understand that they are one Agency, one Institute, and this Institute today really runs the country,» said Felshtinsky.

According to him, «if we come to the conclusion that the country is run by 10 people who sit in the Kremlin, – again, it’s then junta».

«It is important to emphasize that in Russia, especially weak over the last 20 years all political parties, none of them posed a serious political threat to those people who run the country, whoever these people may concern, former FSB agents, former officials from the Soviet era or some people who have risen from the criminal world to new political heights. Threats to these people from the political parties no, because no political party in Russia is controlled by Russia, Russia controlled totally other people,» said Felshtinsky.

In his opinion, «this system has no competitors, because no one can compete with them for power.»

Felshtinsky: what is happening in Russia today resembles the junta 22.12.2017

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