Felshtinsky: the us administration on the Directive of the Kremlin was shove at least three obvious agent of Putin

Between the President of the United States Donald trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin was not a direct link, so they can’t one-on-one to discuss a variety of topics. About this Russian-American historian Yuri Felshtinsky said in an interview with Newsader.

«I insist on the fact that in the American administration on the Directive of the Kremlin was shove at least three obvious agent of Putin. The first is by Paul Manafort, who scandal flew from his post of the head itvirteba three months after assignment due to the fact that surfaced its relationship with Pro-Kremlin figures and financiers, starting with Oleg Deripaska,» – said he.

The second «Russian agent» Felshtinsky called former adviser to trump Michael Flynn. His historian described as «a man with a very questionable reputation, as he received big money from Russia and a lot of money from a dubious Turkish businessman with longstanding Russian ties – Mr. Alptekin».

«The third man was Rex Tillerson, delivered to Secretary of state. He is definitely more cautious as already understood, what happens to the careless agents of the Kremlin. And so while Tillerson is held in its place,» said Felshtinsky.

In his opinion, Tillerson long on his post will stay.

«The fact that Tillerson, with all his caution, in General, sabotaging the work of the U.S. Department of state. This facility is practically destroyed Tillerson the order of the trump. The Department of state in the usual sense of the word in America today simply does not exist, as there and American diplomacy in the conventional sense of the word. There is one trump, which gives guidance on Twitter. I think that does not lead to the resignation Tillerson is not. What makes today Tillerson, national betrayal», – said Felshtinsky.

Flynn was fired from the post of Advisor, 24 days after the appointment, in February 2017. The reason for his departure in the White house called a «loss of confidence» from the President.

In the January edition of the Wall Street Journal reported that intelligence agencies had investigated when Flynn with representatives of the Russian authorities. In particular, we study phone calls Flynn, the Ambassador of Russia in the USA Sergey Kislyak, implemented at the end of December 2016. It is known that on the day of introduction of additional sanctions against the Kremlin, December 29, recorded five telephone conversations adviser and Kislyak.

The Washington Post, citing its own sources wrote that Flynn discussed Kislyak the lifting of sanctions with Russia. According to The New York Times, a presidential adviser interviewed by the FBI. Flynn denied that the sanctions were the subject of his conversation with Kislyak.

The April edition of The Washington Post, citing documents published by the White house, reported that Flynn in his initial Declaration of concealed payments received in 2015 from Russian companies, in particular, from the RT, «Kaspersky Lab» and airlines «Volga-Dnepr».

Flynn was one of the first who came under suspicion of spectacular Robert Mueller, investigating Russia’s intervention in the U.S. presidential election. In this case, on 30 October, the former head of the election campaign trump Floor of the Manafort been charged with conspiracy against the United States.

Felshtinsky: the us administration on the Directive of the Kremlin was shove at least three obvious agent of Putin 19.11.2017

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