Feigin: Savchenko issue may start to mid-March. Sentsov and Kolchenko to be taken to Siberia

The procedure of issuing illegally a prisoner in Russia Ukrainian pilots, MP Hope Savchenko can begin until mid-March. In an interview, «Apostrofo» said the lawyer Savchenko mark Feigin</b>.

Sentsov and Kolchenko to be taken to Siberia to complicate their defense.

«The verdict will be announced in early March or in late February, just three to three and a half weeks. Then the verdict comes into force after 10 days. Savchenko refuses to appeal, I do not agree with this position and believe that the appeal submitted must, but she doesn’t want,» said the lawyer.

According to the lawyer, from the moment when sentence comes into force, can start the procedure of issuing Savchenko.

«Kiev can request for his extradition to Ukraine for punishment», — he explained.

The Feigin noted that «there are a number of obstacles of a procedural nature».

«Ukraine needs to recognize the legitimacy of the sentence, etc., but all this formal side of the question, this can be avoided by having achieved the main thing — to Savchenko was e Kiev», — the lawyer added.

As you know, Sunday, February 1, began the interrogation of Savchenko in court.

We will remind, the Russian investigators accuse Savchenko under articles «murder» and «attempted murder». Ukrainian denies all charges.

After the capture of militants, it was transferred to Russia. Nadezhda Savchenko went on hunger strike on 18 December after it was extended her detention.

Earlier, Feigin stated that the sentence his client can handle in February.

Sentsov and Kolchenko to be taken to Siberia to complicate their defense.

Prisoners illegally in Russia Ukrainian Director Oleg Sentsov and Alexander Kolchenko are convoyed to a penal colony in Siberia to complicate the work of the defenders with them. Such opinion on air of 112 TV channel was expressed by the Sentsov’s lawyer Dmitry dinze.

«And Kolchenko and Sentsov have chosen quite rigid regions in terms of climatic conditions of the prisoners. I think they want to send away to complicate the work of defenders», — said Dinze.

He added that the protection of Sentsov and Kolchenko to their place of residence «will involve more lawyers, will monitor the conditions of detention in colonies». Also Dinze has informed that in the near future — likely next week — will be filed a cassation appeal against the verdict of the Ukrainian people.

«The Commissioner for human rights, we send paper to support our cassation appeal», — he added.

Thus Dinze said that «it is not clear whether the Ukrainian side to take some measures — diplomatic and legal nature, aimed at exchange Sentsov and Kolchenko to any other persons on the territory of Ukraine, citizens of the Russian Federation».

The lawyer recalled that there two types of «developments»: one of them is to provide Ukrainian prisoners to serve their sentence in Ukraine, the second exchange.

«Which would work — not in our power, we can only provide legal support», — said Dinze.

Recall, 6 November it was reported that Sentsov sent to serve his sentence in Irkutsk, Kolchenko — to Chelyabinsk.

25 August 2015, the court in Rostov-on-don has sentenced Sentsov and Kolchenko, and sentenced them to 20 and 10 years imprisonment in a strict regime colony, respectively.

On 24 November the Supreme court of Russia upheld the decision of the court of first instance against the Ukrainian citizens and Sentsov and Kolchenko sentenced to 20 and 10 colony of strict regime, respectively.

Their spring 2014 was detained by FSB officers in Crimea. Sentsov and Kolchenko was transferred to Russia, where he was tried on fabricated charges of organizing terrorist attacks and arsons of offices of the parties on the Peninsula. Both pleaded not guilty.

In Russia the human rights center «memorial» called Sentsov and Kolchenko political prisoners.

Feigin: Savchenko issue may start to mid-March. Sentsov and Kolchenko to be taken to Siberia 08.02.2016

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