February 9. Press review. The political crisis in Ukraine: what will save the country

After a week of Arseniy Yatsenyuk and his reunited Ministerial team expect in the Verkhovna Rada. Deputies intend to hear the report of the Prime Minister and to decide what to do with the Cabinet: partial reformat all or to dismiss. As of yesterday on the coalition’s Council, loudly sounded the idea that the country needs a new government with a new Prime Minister. Arseny Petrovich thinks otherwise. He even announced new principles for a new old government.

The first principle is the lack of political pressure and political corruption. None of the political figures, none of the businesses that has its own interests, has no right to put pressure on the Minister and force him to make decisions that contradict the policy of the Minister and the interests of the Ukrainian state.

In public statements by MPs from all parliamentary factions support the quota principle for the appointment of Ministers. But behind closed doors is an entirely different conversation. According to the leader of Radical party Oleg Lyashko, coalitionary lead the lively bargaining of Ministerial portfolios.

«Instead of discussing the programmatic foundations of the new coalition government and we urge to bring the conversation to banal distribution of posts,» — says Lyashko.

The second principle is that in 2016 in Ukraine should begin an honest and transparent privatization. The Verkhovna Rada should adopt a law that will allow a strategic investor to participate in the competition and to acquire public facilities for the purpose of attracting foreign investment, creating new jobs, upgrading… of 60 of the largest Ukrainian state-owned companies (which will remain in state ownership) will get new leaders, not dependent on political forces and business elites.

Responsible for the holding of a fair competition for the election of the heads of state companies in the Pro-presidential team has already blamed the government. Will it be possible to hold a fair competition? On the sidelines Happy this sounds skeptical. The government can not forget the failed competition the Agency on combating corruption.

The third principle – transparency. The Cabinet meeting will be broadcast live. We must overcome the telephone right and any attempt to shadow agreements behind the scenes transparent Ukrainian politics. For this, the Cabinet decides on the implementation of the Code of ethical conduct of civil servants. These solutions provide for the mandatory recording of all meetings and negotiations with political figures and heads of state authorities in Ukraine.

Today, the «telephone law» at the highest levels of Ukrainian politics thrives. According to MP Serhiy Leshchenko, some of the characters «reshaly» satisfied even through SMS messages. To confirm his words, the MP published the correspondence in Viber the head of the Ministry of Aivaras Abromavicius and «protege of Igor Kononenko to the post of Deputy Minister Andrey Pasichnik«.

As for fixing all the appointments of officials, in the apparatus of many officials are «guest log». Will the live broadcasting of meetings of the Cabinet? This is a half-measure.

«To get closer to the eradication of corruption, it is necessary not only the meeting of the Cabinet on live streaming, but also to persistent online monitoring from the offices of officials», — said people’s Deputy Sergey Kaplin.

The fourth principle – responsibility, which means that the government performs its part as the Executive branch. But the Ukrainian Parliament voted for those laws which are necessary for carrying out reforms in the country and trusted the government that he formed. And helps the government to change the country and to implement the right solution for Ukraine.

The speaker Volodymyr Hroisman has promised yesterday that Parliament is ready to lend its shoulder to the government. We will note, the Minister of health Alexander Kvitashvili complained that his office was not at full power to launch the reform, as MPs block the necessary legislative initiatives.

Meanwhile, MPs say, to a bunch of the Cabinet of Ministers — Verkhovna Rada worked like a Swiss watch mechanism, it is necessary to spend rotation in parliamentary committees, writes Elena Galagi the article «the Cabinet wants to work in a new way. But there are 4 conditions» in the newspaper «KP in Ukraine».

In recent days both the President and the government and the Parliament are engaged in a feverish search of a way out of the crisis caused by the resignation of the Minister of economy and trade Abromavicius and his alleged attempts to take control of financial flows by the first Deputy head of the faction PPO and closest business partner to the President Igor Kononenko. And although the latter had resigned as head of the faction (to deprive of his parliamentary mandate, as demanded by the people’s Deputy Egor Firsov, the faction did not dare), and one of the leaders of the NJSC «Naftogaz of Ukraine» Andrey Pasichnik, which, according to him, and tried to squeeze him Deputy, denied the charges, saying that he took his papers from the Cabinet for an hour before resonance conference, ex-Minister, it is obvious to everyone which way the wind blows.

And not only our citizens, but also foreign partners, after the demarche Abromavicius put on pause until the circumstances any assistance, including the provision of the next tranche of the IMF loan. Because they primarily need assurance that these funds will not be stolen, and eventually returned, and corruption scandals have all contributed to the formation of the trusted mode.

The corruption scandal has launched centrifugal forces and Pro-presidential parliamentary faction. Yesterday Egor Firsov announced his final decision to leave the faction.

«After the vote on Kononenko I realized that most of my party colleagues are deliberately covers corruption schemes» new family «, and they do it even when the corruption openly say our journalists and Western partners. To stay in the faction, along with Mr. Kononenko I can’t, because you do not agree to cover his corrupt activities and don’t want me associated with her. I promise that I will use all available levers to fight against corruption and to disclose all facts known to me», he said.

It is obvious that now all the forces thrown at the politicians to resolve the situation and attempt to save what was still possible to keep. As stated by the speaker of the Parliament Volodymyr Groysman, this week should be key, so you need a consultation and develop a clear action plan of the government and Parliament to overcome the crisis. However, his video message posted on the page in «Facebook», which refers to the need to form a clear plan of action of the government, which would include «repair country»: effective governance, the creation of new jobs, and most importantly — a system that does not allow corruption, if it sounds as fantasy, or as mockery, because it is not completely clear, perhaps in our terms, such a system, but if possible — that is why it is still not working. By the way, your crisis management plan was published and Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, but also there, in addition to proper words and declarations of intent, no specifics.

The «W» to form agreements should be on 16 February when the Parliament should hear the government’s report followed by voting for its preservation or retirement. As predicted, «Mirror of the week», the chances of full resignation of Arseniy Yatsenyuk and the reformation of the government without changing the Premiere is estimated as 60% to 40%. However, as said the Advisor to the President Oleh Medvedev, in any case, immediately after the report the government expect any major disturbances.

If agreement fails or someone’s ambitions will not be satisfied fully, obviously, in the fall will have to prepare for new parliamentary elections. It is obvious that the «popular front» and the PPO will lose their positions, while the «Batkivschyna» and «Samopomich», the most advocate for the resignation of the government, can win. However, the new configuration of the Parliament might seem even more problematic than the present.

There is, however, a third way, dubbed by historian Boris Sokolov. «Obviously, Abromavicius will be ready to stay if heads will roll not only Kononenko, and the attorney General Shokina, and the government would be removed the most odious corrupt officials, particularly those representing political force Yatsenyuk», — writes the newspaper «Day». But this way in the current circumstances, it seems absolutely fantastic, says Natalia Pozniak-Khomenko’s article «the taming of the shrew» in the newspaper «Ukraina Moloda».

The head of the Verkhovna Rada Volodymyr Groysman announced recently that Ukraine is in serious political crisis. According to the speaker, the crisis that arose as a result of loud samootsenki Minister of economic development of Aivaras Abromavicius. One is that above, finally, came the words of the political crisis, already a great achievement power: because it is impossible to deal with things, not calling them by their names.

Another thing that this crisis has lasted for a long time, and the demarche Abromavicius is just another, although it is perhaps the most exciting series. The plot is twirled dashing, and scary I wonder how the events will develop further.

In the crisis all the key authorities. There is also the expected problems caused by the shoals of the current Constitution. The Executive branch is not the place where one head is good, two is better. If a strong President of our de jure a parliamentary-presidential system immediately turns into a de facto presidential-parliamentary. It is in this direction everything went, but the Prime Minister tried to play it back. However, despite the fact that significantly weakened the President, the Prime Minister was noticeably stronger, and therefore a new balance has not been established. The crisis only worsened.

The biggest problem so far with Poroshenko. His friend and partner, who was entrusted with delicate functions, and which the President, it seems, believed in a strong help in the work, was the weakest link. Public disclosure of Igor Kononenko hit in the first place and mainly by Poroshenko. Even if the investigation NABOO will not yield results, the political gap from the blow that excuse won’t patch. Add to this the unanimous and unequivocal support of the government by Western partners with a scathing assessment of corruption vulnerability of the Ukrainian leadership. In short, Petro Poroshenko, running for a second term, not to be envied.

At the same time the blow fell and the presidential party, in the eyes of their dealer though not very convincing, but yesterday a leadership position. In addition to the scandal with Kononenko and they provoked internal strife, the formal leader of the party – you do not forget that them is Vitali Klitschko? – created an uproar by appointing as his adviser yesterday official with dreadful reputation, even in the eyes of voters had a friendly conversation with the mayor of Kharkiv untouchable. Sensitivity to public reactions to such actions in the party leadership somehow severely blunted. And will not go away the responsibility of the head of the budget Committee, representative BPP Andrey Pavelko for the adoption of amendments to the budget, blocking visa-free prospects. And Viktor Shokin remains at the head of the state office of public Prosecutor. And yet… this is the bouquet of the Block Petro Poroshenko, and his leadership, honorary, nominal and actual, only on the bottom.

In principle, the idea of a technical government, not related to the parliamentary situation, though daring, but could be implemented as a consensus of political forces, came to the conclusion that in these circumstances it would be better. Times political there is no agreement, and not the friends they do, Lord, Yes, and backed by the authority of the foreign guarantors, could temporarily help out. If not for one important fact: the Prime Minister no not technical, and the most that neither is political, and that causes enormous irritation literally all allies. Therefore, to implement the crazy idea of separation of government from parliamentary forces not obtained. And that the Parliament now will take the funeral of Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk prospects, or rather, continue it business, and it is unclear how foreign ambassadors will be able to prevent it. Except that would persuade me to postpone the punishment for the time necessary for the preparation of the parties for an early election.

Though visible problems the greatest President, most derogatory evaluations in this situation deserves the Verkhovna Rada with its nedovolstvo able to create sustainable and effective government – direct, actually, the duty of the deputies. Moreover, the West them simply in clear text prohibits encroachment on key government posts, don’t try, useless. And who likes yourself to feel stupid? To restore self-esteem at any cost.

By the way, like the President, whose huge ego in the events of recent days no one was spared. Soon we, it seems, will witness hard sessions of rehabilitation therapy. Who is not hidden, the guarantor is not to blame.

And make no mistake, this wicked error will occur under the slogans of glory of Ukraine. But otherwise. For the sake of Ukraine they uh, Leonid Shvets writes in the article «Tectonic shift. Where and how will develop political crisis» in the publication «Focus».

February 9. Press review. The political crisis in Ukraine: what will save the country 09.02.2016

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