February 4. Press review. Why Abromavicius has resigned

On Tuesday morning one of the so-called technocrats in the government of Arseniy Yatsenyuk , Minister of economic development and trade aivaras abromavicius told reporters that he had filed a resignation. «The reason is the surge block any system and important reforms in our country. It is not just the lack of support. This is an active operation designed to paralyze our reform work,» the Minister said and began to list the specific reasons which led to its surprise announcement.

Among them he called the unexpected cancellation of the protection of the Minister and his family, as well as «the imposition under increasing pressure dubious characters in my team and in key positions in public enterprises». «I can consider this only as a persistent attempt to establish control over cash flows I. in the first place, «Naftogaz», as well as in the defense industry, exclaimed Abromavicius. — I refuse to work in such a system. I and my team are not ready to serve as a cover for the resurgence of old and creation of new schemes in the interests of certain political and business players.»

He recalls the state system of electronic public procurement, which will provide savings of up to 50 billion hryvnias per year. The reform of state-owned enterprises, he said, allowed only one year to reduce losses at 101 billion UAH — up to 16 billion. Saved 2.4 billion hryvnias on the abolition of the oligarchic discount of 15% in the sale of oil…»But the more radical steps we did, the deeper our reforms were, the greater was our progress, so great was the pressure on us, — said Abromavicius, We have learned to cope with the resistance of the old system. But it turned out that some of the new well-wishers worse than the old. I and my team have no desire to be a cover for outright corruption or controlled by puppets for those who want the style of the old regime to establish control over public money».

«These people have names, said the Minister and voiced one of them: Is Igor Kononenko. As a representative political force, nominating me as Minister, he in recent months has done much to block my work and the work of the Ministry». But the draft resolution on the dismissal Abromavicius, which is controlled by Kononenko gave the deputies of the faction «Vidrodzhennya», gathered only 18 signatures. The culmination of a personnel lawlessness by Kononenko was the desire to have his Deputy in the Ministry responsible for «Naftogaz», says the Minister.

In the end, according to him, the applicant brought two days ago a full package of documents for the appointment and said: «I’m your new Deputy, I Kononenko and my candidacy has already been agreed on top of.» «After that, I received a call from APU with insistent recommendation to take this man and another Deputy on defense. To which I replied: «I am a part of this carve-up will not,» and asked me to be dismissed», — said the Minister. Later he mentioned in passing that the conversation was with Lozhkin.

Abromavicius and Finance Minister Natalie Jaresko and Minister of health Alexander Kvitashvili has led to us consulting company WE Partners working in professional Alliance with the international company Korn Ferry. The selection of personnel for Ukraine were engaged in the head of the company Tatyana Furtseva. Her services, as it was written then the media cost about 82 thousand dollars and paid the Fund «Vidrodzhennya».

By the way, interesting fact that Korn Ferry guarantee their personnel decisions and in the case of an error reimburses. How will qualified retirement Abromavicius and previously filed a statement Kvitashvili?

A lot depends on the political weight and action of the above-mentioned parliamentary opponent Abromavicius, writes Vitaly Kniazhansky in the article «Showcase» cracked…» in the newspaper «Day».

Deputy Minister of economy and trade of Aivaras Abromavicius Julia Klimenko, Maxim Nefedov and Nataliya Mykolska announced his resignation on Facebook page.

Julia Klimenko said that resigning is not because he left her boss, but because it is a responsible citizen.

«Getting a lot of questions, so I want to confirm: Yes, I’m going to resign, along with Minister… I fully support and share every word of the Minister — not because I am his Deputy, and therefore that you are a responsible citizen and patriot of Ukraine. It’s completely balanced and pragmatic decision. And it’s not an escape from the battlefield, because no battle had never happened, and was his constant imitation, to which we are consciously involved,» wrote Klimenko.

Klymenko also highlighted the main reforms that have launched the team for 10 months.

«There is the reform of administrative services, and a number of reforms that we call «deregulation», the reform of the state control and supervision, a variety of programs to support small and medium businesses, and more. They really need to Ukrainian business and citizens,» she wrote.

Maxim Nefedov also said that he was leaving the Ministry. According to him, the work there now is just useless to waste time and energy.

«Now continue to work so is «death by a thousand cuts». Little benefit, many burnt forces, which can be used for reforms with greater benefits,» he wrote.

Nataliya Mykolska, which is a trade representative of Ukraine also declared that puts their authority.

«Today, I made a very difficult and important decision with the Minister to leave the post of sales representative. I joined a team of technocrats and main criteria of selection I Minister to this position my professional and moral qualities. It was the beginning of our whole team. And this approach was supported by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine», — she wrote. This was reported in the article «Vice Abromavicius: «Continue to work — the death by a thousand cuts» in the newspaper «KP in Ukraine».

The scandalous statement Abromavicius resignation and accusations against Kononenko caused heated discussion, both in political, and in expert and public circles.

According to experts, the scandal surrounding accusations Abromavicius addressed Kononenko revealed a very serious problem in the presidential team.

«Apparently there are contradictions in the presidential team. It is a struggle between the two factions, two approaches – between the faction of technocrats and a fraction of the business politicians who would now like to obtain more access to the formation and control of the government, including, and from the point of view of implementation of business interests,» said Segodnya Director of the Institute for strategic studies Vadim Karasev.

And this is a serious problem for the President, the head of the Center for applied political studies «Penta» Volodymyr Fesenko. «As far as I know, at one time the President, his chief of staff Lozhkin recommended Abromavicius for this position. What the problem is now – there were a number of conflict situations and in the faction – relations with a number of deputies, which are now also criticizing Kononenko, now the story Abromavicius. Ie definitely creates a conflict field around Kononenko, it is not a good trend. I think that’s the Igor Kononenko need to change his behavior and act more flexibly without the pressure. It is necessary to take into account new political realities – if we are promised a «new way» so in this case, it is «new» and not «as usual», he said.

And in this confrontation, as noted by political analyst Taras Berezovets, the Western partners of Ukraine made it clear whose side they’re on. «The U.S. Embassy went on the attack. An interesting game was begun. Saakashvili against Kononenko. And Americans, too, did not remain», – he wrote in facebook.

To «resolve» the situation, according to experts, will have the President Petro Poroshenko.

Thus, according to Karasev, judging by what in this conflict, the West, the Ministers, the technocrats, including Abromavicius, will remain at their posts.

As noted by Volodymyr Fesenko Western experts along with other Ministers, technocrats, appreciate the work of Aivaras Abromavicius head of the MEDT.

«I will quote Andres Aslund: Abromavicius, Yaresko (MOF), brewer (Ministry of Infrastructure), Petrenko (moj) – brilliant Ministers. But the paradox is that these Ministers most criticized within the Parliament, and also by separate business group», – he said.

Director of the Ukrainian analytical center Alexander Okhrimenko, in turn, notes that Abromavicius has done a lot for the PR of Ukraine in the West, but inside the country mngie announced reforms were never implemented. «He promised to simplify the conditions for doing business, but nothing is simplified. To access the campaign became easier, but there are still problems with the tax, with the closure of the company, etc», he said.

The expert noted that last year Ukraine was able to rise only 4 positions (from 87 to 83) in the world Bank’s Doingbusiness. Was not conducted unannounced transparent privatization of large Ukrainian enterprises.

One of the achievements of the Ministry last year can be called the adoption in December the Verkhovna Rada of the law «On public procurement», which distributes e-procurement for all public procurement.

However, many legislative initiatives on deregulation, investor protection, creating conditions for large-scale privatisation has not found support in the Parliament and to blame only one Minister of the economy is not quite correct according to experts, writes Denis Skvortsov in the article «Where will get the conflict Abromavicius and Kononenko, and that will make Poroshenko: experts ‘opinion» in the newspaper «Today».

February 4. Press review. Why Abromavicius has resigned 04.02.2016

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