February 22. Press review. The revolution of Dignity: two years later

In fire, blood and grime of the tires. One after another were followed by waves of fear, rage, panic and the desire to succeed.

So the Maidan spent three days in the winter of 2014 — 18, 19, 20 February. Each of them has its own historical significance. Each had experiences that have greatly influenced the life of Kyiv and Ukraine in General and specific families in particular. In fierce clashes between the revolutionaries and the security forces killed 77 people. It is both civil and military.

18 February

A large column of protesters marched to the Parliament. MPs just have to consider the return to the 2004 Constitution. On the outskirts of the «dome» of activists met police and «Berkut».

Fearing that the crowd will start to burn not only KAMAZ, which blocked the road, and take by storm the building of the Parliament, breaking through the cordon, the MPs escaped through the underground passage. Then from the side of Instytutska street to the Maidan drove a water cannon. On the same side, standing on the bridge, security forces threw in the tents Molotov cocktail, and the protesters — tear gas grenades. They in turn replied «Molotov cocktails». At this time began storm of the Ukrainian house and October Palace occupied by the protesters.

Evening in the capital happened transport collapse is stopped by the subway, buses and trolley buses were overcrowded. So many citizens were walking home and some had stayed the night at work.

February 19,

Burned the House of trade unions. In a fire killed people who are unable to get out of the building.

The activists unfurled a hospital in the Mikhailovsky Cathedral. Medical help came all who were injured in clashes. At this point, already killed about twenty people. The center of Kiev was divided into two parts — the top of the stele from the part occupied by militiamen, the lower — protesters in masks and helmets.

20 February

The shooting began. Weapons in hand picked not only police officers with riot police, but also some protesters. There was a terrible collision. Every hour the victims near the October Palace became more and more.

At this time, the opposition tried to establish a dialogue with Viktor Yanukovych. Politicians were looking for ways out of the bloody crisis. In the city remained strong problems with transport. And not only with the public part of the entrances to the capital were closed.

Before the end of the confrontation was only one day. On February 21, Viktor Yanukovych suddenly left the Ukraine, and the militia retreated, writes Love Sidorenko in the article «Three days that changed Ukraine» in the newspaper «KP in Ukraine».

February 20 — one of the most tragic days in the history of independent Ukraine — on this day in 2014, killing 48 of the Heavenly hundred heroes, mostly from gunshot wounds. Unfortunately, as during the revolution of Dignity, and today its members are divided into «people of Maidan» (society) and «people of the Maidan stage» (now power). Moreover, in two years this division and the gap has widened.

If in 2015, on this day, the President and numerous government officials were honored Heavenly hundred on the Maidan (though on different sides of the fence secure), politicians decided to avoid direct contact with the public. Former commandant of the Maidan and current first Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Andriy Parubiy is visiting the United States and Canada, one of the Maidan leaders Vitaly Klitschko — a visit to Washington, Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk has disappeared altogether from the field of view of the media. But President Petro Poroshenko had his own personal agenda — without prior announcement (although with regard to other activities, they appeared on the website of the AP) in the morning with his wife Marina , he visited the street Instytutska and lit a candle in memory of the fallen heroes. Subsequently, the President met with families of heroes of Heavenly hundred, and with them took part in the memorial service for the fallen activists in St. Michael’s Cathedral.

Later on the website of the presidential Administration a petition of Peter Poroshenko. «This is due primarily to the knights of the Heavenly hundred and signed in record time ratified by all countries of the European Union the Agreement on political Association and deep and comprehensive free trade area», — said in a statement. Not spared the President of the economic statistics of the EU Association, as well as issues of visa-free regime.

«In January 2016 in comparison with January of 2015 the export of Ukrainian food in the EU increased by 16%. 22% increase in the import of new technologies from Europe. Isn’t this a chance for technical modernization of the Ukrainian economy? — said Poroshenko. — The final package of so-called visa waiver laws initiated by me, the Verkhovna Rada supported the day before yesterday. Thus removed the last legal obstacles for Ukrainian citizens visa free travel within the EU. After this vote, the European Commission could begin the process of drafting legislative proposals for the future be proposed for adoption by member States of the EU and the European Parliament».

«The shooting of peaceful protesters is a crime that has no Statute of limitations. Investigations and the courts are already, and the guilty will be punished, if not today, then tomorrow, if not tomorrow, then day after tomorrow», — concluded the President.

For the current government significant dates related to the Euromaidan, is a kind of test. Did she take the high bar that put the Maidan? Judging by the sentiment of citizens and the results of punishment for crimes, and most importantly — the achievements in reforming countries, the test fails. Moreover, having played the redeployment of the Ukrainian authorities decided to «celebrate» the date of the tragic shootings of the Maidan activists – a deep political crisis. To reap the fruits of its policy in view of public discontent they refused, speaking at public events 20 February. In turn, in the morning, the subway and the streets of Kiev were filled with police and national guardsmen. Nevertheless, certain radical actions could not be avoided. A group of people threw stones and rocks branch of the Russian «Sberbank», «Alfa-Bank» and the office of the company of Rinat Akhmetov. Later, the men in camouflage who called themselves «Radical right-wing forces», captured the hall of the hotel «Kozatskiy» on the Independence square and announced «a meeting of the headquarters organization.»

However, the epicenter of events was still Institutskaya street and Alley of the Heavenly hundred, which came not only the inhabitants of Kiev and other Ukrainian cities. The main purpose of a continuous stream of people who came to the center of the Ukrainian capital, was honoring the memory of fallen Heroes and reflection on the experiences over the past two years, writes Dmitry Krivtsun in the article «the Revolution of Dignity took place. But not ended» in the newspaper «Day».

Two years after the Revolution of dignity Ukraine’s leaders, stimulated by an active, engaged and informed civil society, had a complicated political and economic reforms to bring the country to its European future. They did it in the context of the conflict in the East, organized by the Kremlin, and the miserable economy inherited from the era of Viktor Yanukovych. These circumstances make the gains of the past two years is even more inspiring.

The changes were not easy, they demanded a great sacrifice. As said the Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden during his visit to honor the memory of those who gave so much in the first place on the Maidan, and then in the Donbas, each of us must answer the call of history and help build a United, democratic Ukraine.

The best monument to the Heavenly hundred is Ukraine, which really get rid of corruption, nepotism and kleptocracy. It is Ukraine that is associated more with strong ties with Europe, which will provide new opportunities, new growth and will enable a new generation to realize God’s potential.

Easy to get lost in the daily political and bureaucratic efforts towards economic reforms. In such times it is important to keep your eye on the horizon to watch the trends, not the headlines. To admit that changes are happening and progress is being made — whether in the Verkhovna Rada, the National Bank, the police or reformed Naftogaz of Ukraine. Actually, this is the most significant progress in Ukraine’s history.

In the past two years, the country held successful presidential, parliamentary and local elections in accordance with international standards. You can and should do more, particularly in the area of fight against corruption. But the progress of the last two years shows that Ukraine is changing.

Building an open, democratic government that implements reforms and really serves the people, the leaders of Ukraine can show the world that returning to the past will not. This is what thousands of people stood on the Maidan. It’s what gave their lives the heroes of the Heavenly hundred and the thousands who died defending their country against relentless Russian aggression. Their sacrifice is the duty of the Ukrainians.

In the spirit of the Maidan, Ukraine’s leadership should put the interests of the Ukrainian people above partisan and personal interests. They can use this opportunity to help Ukraine rightfully take its place among free, democratic, Western Nations. This is the future that the Ukrainian people want and deserve. And this is the best way to honor the hopes, dreams and the memory of those, whose blood and courage gave Ukraine another chance at freedom, writes Geoffrey Pyatt in the article «changing Ukraine» in the publication «New time».

February 22. Press review. The revolution of Dignity: two years later 22.02.2016

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