February 17. Press review. «Sack in a forehead» flew past

«Sack in a forehead» to the government of Arseniy Yatsenyuk was single. So, yesterday, under the dome BP tried to send the Prime Minister and the entire Cabinet of Ministers in resignation. Even Yulia Tymoshenko, which came to the Parliament without signature braids, has forced Ukrainians to guard: the country is clearly waiting for the shock, — joked the people. And no mistake — Yatsenyuk has retained his portfolio, having received immunity for six months.

In the report, Yatsenyuk told about the achievements of the Cabinet, but in the session hall there was a rumble and the Prime Minister scarcely heard him. After the report, the MPs first 247 votes recognized the unsatisfactory work of the government, and then decided to vote in favour of the resolution on distrust to the Cabinet of Ministers. The MP Volodymyr Lytvyn urged deputies to delay the vote as many parliamentarians at that time started to leave the room, and if the necessary votes does not reach, until September the Cabinet of Ministers shall work in conflict with BP (to Express no confidence in the Cabinet next time only at the next session, which will begin in September. — Ed.). But the MPs decided to press the buttons and failed the distrust for the resignation was only 194 votes out of 226.

According to political scientist Andrei Buzarova, the President is not expected that Yatsenyuk would retain the portfolio, «He made it clear: I’m willing to go on assignment and even to remove the Prosecutor, but the President needs to go down.»His colleague Vadim Karasev added that yesterday’s battles in Parliament, started the process of reformatting of the Cabinet. «The President relieved the tension in society (calling for the resignation of the Prime Minister and clearing the Peloponnese. — Ed.). His team had bleached themselves in the eyes of the people. Yatsenyuk will retain the position until fall, and the IMF will continue to list tranches. I do not exclude that this was the original arrangement — everybody wins. But the Cabinet will begin to shake: the PPB and the PF will reallocate the seat. Most of the battle was for the seat of first Deputy Prime Minister, which now will likely go to the first Deputy head of the AP Vitaliy Kovalchuk. Your chair rail will retain Jaresko, Klimkin, Pavlenko, Poltorak, reports UNN. Others can become a bargaining chip». He does not exclude that now the whole wrath of the people will switch to Parliament. «Now the Cabinet will remove tension in society, translating the arrows on the Parliament», — said Karasev, not excluding the possibility that the probability of re-election of the Rada in autumn, and there is one more distraction for the people — a referendum on the status of Donbass.

According to experts, mindlessly criticize the government of Arseniy Yatsenyuk is not worth it. «The main positive is that when the government really started reform, says political scientist Volodymyr Fesenko. — The most notable is the reform of decentralization, the establishment of patrol police and diversification of gas supplies to Ukraine. By the way, last year this was the plan revolutionary: we got more gas from Europe than from Russia! This is a serious achievement. Began and reform of public procurement. Besides, the government managed to keep under control the financial-economic situation: despite a deep and painful recession, the country managed to avoid default, negotiate with creditors and ensure relative social stability: timely payment of salaries and pensions. But it could be a serious problem.»

The main failure of the government, according to experts, is that the public expected broader changes in the country. «It was expected that the reform will be an attack on all fronts, but this did not happen. But more importantly than unhappy people — a sharp drop in the standard of living. The tariff increase has hit on people’s attitudes to Yatsenyuk, because of the people social problems — the main disadvantage in work of the government,» concluded Fesenko.

Began elected representatives of your busy day with adapting the package «visa-free» legislation. So, the people’s deputies adopted the law, improving the work of the national Agency for assets received by a criminal way, made changes in Criminal and Procedural codes and the law «On Prosecutor’s office». But to enact laws in General, the deputies agreed tomorrow.

But the controversial amendment in budget 2016, which called for deferring for a year the introduction of electronic system of declaring of incomes of officials, deputies, though cancelled, but came up with a new loophole: according to people’s Deputy from the PPO Sergey Leshchenko, officials will have to declare the income in an electronic form this year. But if they lie in the Declaration, the criminal responsible for it will not be until 2017! «Officials won the right to lie to the whole 2016 year», — said Leshchenko. Moreover, according to the law, «gifts» worth up to UAH 200 thousand it is possible not to declare. The head of the parliamentary Committee on the prevention of corruption Yegor Sobolev called on colleagues not to support the law — say, on the Committee of the speech of such changes was not, but 238 people’s deputies didn’t listen to it.

The deputies also passed in the second reading changing the procedure of privatization of SOEs: the process will attract advisers and will not allow the purchase of undertakings by the representatives of the aggressor country. Also people’s deputies has adopted the law «party dictatorship» is allowed «to edit» lists after elections, write Arthur Gore, Alexander Korchinsky in the article «Results of the «reset»: Yatsenyuk has left, and Shokin went on vacation» in the newspaper «Today».

Barely signed the controversial resignation of his Deputy Vitalii KASKO, attorney-General Victor Shokin he collects things. «I appealed to Viktor Nikolaevich that he wrote a resignation», — said Petro Poroshenko. Failure was not followed, and loud statements. As the head of the GPU Viktor Shokin has been 12 months and six days.

«He has repeatedly said, that comes to a year and a half, — said one of the employees of the Prosecutor General. — Knew it would be tight accepted as alien to the President of political forces and a young team of reformers headed Sakvarelidze«.

Meanwhile the merit of the reforms in the national Petro Poroshenko has attributed it Socino. When Shokin really began to take root in the life of the adopted in 2014 the law on the Prosecutor’s office. But most experts believe that it came down not so much to global change as to structural change.

«Reform has begun. But not made the main thing — not provided with the procedural independence of the prosecutors. And it is this, according to experts of the Council of Europe must stand at the forefront,» — said the honored lawyer of Ukraine Mykola goshovskiy.

The idea is to break down a rigid vertical when ordinary Prosecutor is directly dependent on their leaders and any independent decision could face reprimand or dismissal. According to the law, the question of the resignation of the Prosecutor can be solved only with the consent of the qualification Commission. But the creation of such postponed for the coming April. However, new States are gaining.

Speaking about the resignation of the Peloponnese, the President noted with regret that the GPU and obtained the support of the society. Although the lack of credibility of the people it exists for many years. And anything we do.

Slamming the door of the GPU, Vitaly KASKO publicly to the nines smashed its work under the leadership of the Peloponnese, having been accused of corruption and iniquity.

«And in fact Shokin stood guard over the interests of the President’s team. And restrained temperament of those public entities in the GPU who had declared themselves reformers, — the adviser of the fight against corruption International centre for policy studies, Kirill Kulikov. — A real breakthrough on their part and was not. Responsible for international activities, KASKO failed to motivate the Interpol to search for the representatives of the old regime. Although from the point of view of the West and he Sakvarelidze look much more dynamic and media than the public Prosecutor of the Soviet type.

According to Kulikova, recently deported from the GPU played the role of a sort of dragon that must defeat the young heroes. And won, Valeriy Chepurko wrote in the article «Shokin says goodbye quietly» in the newspaper «KP in Ukraine».

In front of all the President and the Prime Minister played a wonderful show. Used after today’s performance with pseudostable feel even its members — those who voted for the government by frustrated reformers left. And conducted the performance, it seems that neither the President nor the Prime Minister. He conducted this action people far more influential on today’s segment of Ukrainian history, the Ukrainian Prime Minister and the President.

There is reason to believe that what was arranged in the Parliament today as «the consideration of the resignation of the government», was actually dogovornaya two people, the Prime Minister and the President. The Prime Minister and the President, which the majority of Parliament believed, and the rest played along.

The aim of the performance was to publicly demonstrate the readiness of both the Ukrainian leaders, the Prime Minister and the President, to kill «the government is mired in corruption and sabotaging reforms» — what it looks like in the eyes of society. Both pursued the opposite goal — to preserve the status quo, in particular — to save the skin of Prime Minister, saving face. Two faces.

As of last night in the PPB faction was the agreement that the Premier leave. Today in fact MPs from 136 PPB for the resignation vote of 97 people. The other disobeyed. Or pretended offended. From the side it looks like the President has demonstrated the political will of iron: so they say, country, you wanted the scalp of a slain bear.

At the same time, and the Prime Minister looks like the man who raised the visor looked into the face of his political death. He behaved rather steadily, sometimes even swaggered and joked. People experiencing perhaps the worst moment of his career, looks a little different. Yatsenyuk knew that with him nothing bad will happen. But behind the curtain, and the President and the Prime Minister is available to each of them by means of sought registered what happened — no one’s going anywhere.

What in the dry rest? Using this «mnogohodovok» Yatsenyuk earned itself untouchability until the fall. By law, up to the end of the current session, i.e. until the end of the summer, the question of his resignation the Parliament to raise. The only way to get premiere to resign now is to hold his fingers the door and get to write his own resignation.

Likely scenario for the government of Yatsenyuk in General — some reformatting. Because the next two weeks in Parliament is not plenary, it is possible to wait until the middle of March.

The only hint of positivity in the dirty game the patriots will be possible resignation of some Ministers appointed in the Cabinet under the quota of the Prime Minister. But it depends on which one of the Ministers today won a major battle Arseniy Petrovych will prescribe ritual kotlenci, writes Elena Tribushnaya in the article «Mnogohodovok and goats. As the Prime Minister and the President played the country» in the edition «New time».

February 17. Press review. «Sack in a forehead» flew past 17.02.2016

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