February 1. Press review. Occupied Donetsk: «lessons of patriotism»

Crucified boy, bullfinches, rape women in epileptic seizures and the blood of Russian speaking babies – today this is just an excuse for irony. But for many Russians such news is a daily news picture of the day. But after the Ukrainian Donbass came to «save» Russia, such «news» have become commonplace and for its residents.

Under the influence of such information processing in some areas of Donbass people believe, if Ukraine specifically spray over them the flu virus with the help of drones, said Vyacheslav Gusarov group «Information resistance».

Another horror story that has frightened the citizens of Donetsk – about the alleged «influx of refugees» in the so-called «DNR» from Western Ukraine. In the occupied Donetsk, meanwhile, held a rally against sects. Under the walls of the temple of the Holy virgin of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church buses brought about five hundred people. Protesters spoke out against the Greek Catholic Church, which, in their opinion, is sectarian, because calls for unity with Ukraine. Organized all under control «DNR» of the organization «Young Republic».

Stanislav Vasin from Donetsk says that the Ukrainian media often show what is happening in the occupied territories in an exaggerated light, but propaganda in the Donbas really delivered in a big way.

In the territories not controlled by Ukraine, only Russian TV channels, for example, «Russia 24» and «local» like «Stronghold-TV». Under the guise of humanitarian convoy on the territory of the «republics» from Russia took harmless a ton of paper to print the Pro-Kremlin newspaper – another source of propaganda.

The interviewee, who wished to remain anonymous, retired from the city of Rovenki, Luhansk region, calls the lack of alternative sources of information «the most terrible trouble.» She says that in the occupied regions periodically block Ukrainian websites.

Many residents believe that they should be against «the Punisher» because they «are trying to capture,» says another interviewee, Anastasia. From Donetsk went in the summer of 2014. This was followed in occupied territory several times. The last time we went there to celebrate the New year.

Not to discuss their problems, many of her friends Donetsk, when talking about what happened to the Donbass, began to move the topic to the problem of Ukraine. Absurd news, according to girls, they go very bad. But over time, in conversation, people have learned to avoid such topics so as not to focus on them, if their positions differ.

According to the pensioner from Rovenky, in the town of Russia maintains a significant portion of the population, including members of the education sector. In educational institutions they are promoting the same line of conduct to his disciples.

«What impresses me most is that this teacher. The whole school No. 5 [in Rovenky], and it was a good school, it is almost 100% for the separatists. I’m out of the lane on the main street where buses, opposite the station of Tourists. Now there cadet any case, children are taught that we must protect Ukraine from Banderas’. Children already poisoned soul,» says the woman.

«The people have no opinion of the word at all. It cannot by itself organize. All this story about the rebellious miners. Even in 2004, they were hauled like cattle to Kiev,» adds Vitaly. However, aggressive statement on Ukraine and often emanate from people more educated, Alexander Gorchinskaya writes in the article «victims of propaganda. Residents of Donbass has told, how the ideological machine of the Kremlin in the occupied territories» in the edition «New time».

The next day after the explosion of monument to Lenin, armed men in camouflage uniforms went into the apartment of the alleged shooter. According to neighbors, 23-year-old boy taken away from them, before this «peering» into his computer and searched the apartment.

Soon in Donetsk disappeared, candidate of historical Sciences, religious studies, President of the Center for international spiritual relations Igor Kozlovsky. The scientist remained in Donetsk, taking care of paralyzed son. After his detention of a seriously ill son the day she was alone and without a care, before people could get into the apartment.

And at the end of the week in his own house, was arrested the head of volunteer group «Responsible citizens» Marina Cherenkova. Two days later, the girl on the phone. Marina gave a call, she confirmed that is in local «MGB». Rumors about the nature of the charges and the prospects of release different even contradictory.

«Access to it, there is no connection also, looking for contacts. My detention is also likely. Kind people advised to leave. But we all stay — we have nothing to hide», — wrote in social networks volunteer group «Responsible citizens» Enrique Menendez.

According to the decree of «local authorities», from 23.00 to 05.00 is strictly prohibited to walk the streets and even taxis. Such measures, the Pitmen called unprecedented, because «checkered» shuttled night on the town even during the most fierce attacks. Violators of the curfew could face 15 days in jail and confiscation of car.

«In Powys some painful tension — if we were after «thaw» is back in the beginning of 2014. In conversations with neighbors and friends now all very careful, no politics. Especially not hear criticism of the «local authorities» in public places, although recently people in shops, and in transport, without comments», — says a resident of Donetsk Vladimir Glushchenko.

Not on tape, people began to talk about the strange practice, which appeared in Donetsk, in the undesirable almost openly write denunciations, all in the same «MGB».

«I called the neighbor in garage cooperative. Offered to put the signature under the appeal to «secret police» of a complaint against the President. Supposedly, the contributions raised, and no repair holds. Besides openly said that the Kiev government does not wish us evil and need to end this war, — says a resident of Donetsk Sergey. — I was indignant. Something is broken in the minds of people. Don’t like the President — gather the members of the cooperative and perispirit him, what are these new methods?»

The military volunteers has its own version of a wave of arrests in Donetsk.

«Most likely, Pro-Ukrainian citizens arrested to trade. You see that hold completely harmless, but it is very well-known people, as in the case of Igor Kozlovsky. One such prisoner is very profitable they can be exchanged for several of «their», — said the negotiator of prisoners Vasyl Kovalchuk.

According to him, the Ukrainian side may lead to an offer to exchange in the near future.

Heated discussions about whether or not to go to Donetsk, inflamed and in social networks. Famous bloggers and volunteers warn: likely to ring out for a lattice small, but it is. Should think about three times before the trip, if you are a Ukrainian journalist, civic activist or political figure. And if we decide, definitely need to get rid of gadgets all the incriminating information.

By the way, the number of people willing to go to Donetsk after the stories with the detention has decreased dramatically. The last days in the direction of uncontrolled territories virtually no queues. The roads are free even on the most problematic checkpoints «zaytsevo» and «Marinka». Carriers see this as at least two reasons. The first is the fear of being detained without explanation. The second is the recent shelling of areas around checkpoints. Fortunately, no one was hurt, but authorities have already warned that from-for attacks crossing points on the border can close indefinitely, says Alice Kirilenko in the article «Donetsk Residents about the arrests in the city: «something is broken in the minds of people» in the newspaper «KP in Ukraine».

The work in Donetsk tight, anyway. It would not have given officials of the occupation administration, talking about the unprecedented flourishing of «Republic» literally that’s it, the fact remains: a little work, the pay is small, experts are sorely lacking.

«Go to the hospital and see who sits on the reception of patients. At best, interns, in the worst – students-third-year students. Specialists who will work on 4000-7000 roubles a month? Everyone who could, long gone and not coming back,» says a Donetsk resident, Alexander Vasilchenko. It’s been a month treated at a hospital in Donetsk and has a picture of what is happening in the medical field. «General practitioners receive less than 5,000 rubles (1574 USD), many pediatricians work part-time for 3000 rubles (944 USD). The nurse get 3000-4000 rubles (944 – 1259 USD) and don’t know what to do and how to survive!», – Alexander tells. By the way, from lack of doctors suffer most of the occupied Horlivka and debaltseve, Dokuchaevsk and Donetsk, and the shortage of good specialists – all captured cities and villages.

Still in Donetsk, the representatives are needed for almost all professions – from artists to singers to electricians. By the way, the songstress and dancers in the miner’s capital promise a far more decent salary than locksmiths and sinker. The ballet, orchestra or conversational genre in the Donetsk theatres promise from 9,000 to 14,000 rubles (2833 – 4407 UAH). But judging by the fact that these ads for the second year invariably appear in the list of vacancies, interesting for nobody. And given the recent departure of several leading artists from the theatres of Donetsk, hardly anyone these offers seem tempting.

The traditional mining region of the profession, judging by the salaries not held in high esteem. For example, an underground electrician, you will work for 8000 rubles (2518 UAH), underground working – 7000 (2203 UAH), stolovoe – 6600 (2077 USD).

Caught in the job and completely original announcement of earnings. For example, «lady for shootings in advertising of lingerie for breastfeeding». Specified the age limit from 18 to 45 years. The ability to behave in front of the camera depends on the payment, and it – «a decent start from $300 to $700». «A dream job, possible career development» promised by the employer.

In the city center looking for a seller in a «sex supermarket» at a good local standards, the salary of 12 thousand rubles (3777 UAH). The candidate is encouraged emancipation and interest in such stores. «The seller in a sex shop-stop approach to any. No matter what one buyer blushes, seeing the range and the other voiced their sexual fantasies out loud,» he posted theses job descriptions the employer.

We don’t know exactly who is the consumer of services from the scope of the «sweet life» in Donetsk – is clearly not electricians and manicurists. However, in the ads are looking for personal trainers on the plastic strip and housekeepers, the staff at elite salons and the master on weaving of KOs, the sound in night clubs.

For those wishing to receive the coveted Russian salary offered job in Russia. For example, all waiting in the Krasnodar region on the Assembly of recyclable materials manually. «Polyethylene – 3 rubles per kilogram, balaika 1 litre – 4 rubles, a kilogram of cardboard – 2 rubles. We provide free housing, shed (very warm, water and light). We meet at the bus station», – happily reads one of the ads. You can still in Crimea to work on the construction of monolithic buildings for 200 rubles (62 USD) a day in advance, for a total of 1,800 rubles (566 USD) per cubic meter built.

Well, the most common announcement which can be found on street poles, and in the running line of TV is a service contract in the so-called «army DND». Recruits promise to pay on 15 thousand (UAH 4722), to issue the form and feed three times a day.

However, former contract employees for some reason in no hurry to return. «Promise a lot, but in fact the money for 3-4 months not seen. Form buy for your account, then you kinda have to compensate for the amount of purchase, but it never went that far. The food is so-so, not pickles, to put it mildly. I barely waited for the end of the contract in the «Republican army» and left. Don’t look back. Now in «emergencies» lifeguard working. Many of the soldiers here today. There are those who actually fought. They hope that they will not complain after Ukraine will be back here, like, they save people, they have no questions», – said the Donetsk Sergey. Write about it Dmitry Lipkin, Stanislav Donets in the article «in Donetsk: we need sellers in sex shops and working in a landfill in Russia» in the newspaper «Today».

February 1. Press review. Occupied Donetsk: «lessons of patriotism» 01.02.2016

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