«Fatherland» urged to vote for the resignation of the Cabinet, to «overcome the chaos»

Faction «Batkivshchyna» intends to vote for the resignation of the current composition of the Cabinet of Ministers and called on other factions to the same decision.

«The change of government and restoring trust is our top priority. Without trust in government cannot carry out reforms. Without successful reforms we will not be able to get the resources to fight the Russian aggression. It is the resignation of the Cabinet will overcome the chaos and effectively counter the invaders. To leave this government — is to destroy the stability of the state and actually to give it to the aggressor. Therefore, the fraction «Batkivschyna» will vote for the resignation of this government and calls all his colleagues in Parliament», — reads the statement of the faction «Batkivshchyna», published by the press service of the party on Tuesday.

The faction also negatively assessed the activities of the government of Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

«Activity and inactivity of the government Yatsenyuk has led to large-scale socio-economic crisis in Ukraine since 1994. For 22 years our country ever experienced such a deep collapse of the economy and growth of poverty of the population. Both state budgets prepared by the government Yatsenyuk, was introduced in the Parliament with the violation of applicable laws, accepted by Verkhovna Rada at night, under severe pressure. And both of them were not fulfilled,» — said in the statement.

Moreover, the Batkivshchyna pointed to rising inflation and the depreciation of the national currency. «If in 2014, the annual inflation rate amounted to 24.6%, while last year, 2015 is already 43.3 per cent. In February 2014, for the dollar was 8 UAH, and in February 2016 — 27 UAH. For 2014, the Ukrainian economy has lost 7% of GDP, in 2015 — an additional nearly 11%. The income in monetary terms has decreased twice», — emphasize in fraction.

On belief of deputies of «Batkivshchyna», the level of trust in government is within the statistical margin of error of sociological research. «This means that the government is illegitimate. Accordingly, the continuation of its existence threatens the stability and integrity of the country», — assured in the faction.

We will remind, except «Fatherland» resignation of the Cabinet support the «Block of Petro Poroshenko, Samopomich and Radical party».

Today, on February 16, the Verkhovna Rada will hear the government’s report.

«Fatherland» urged to vote for the resignation of the Cabinet, to «overcome the chaos» 16.02.2016

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