Farmer of Donbass, which in 2014 handed over to fighters of the Ukrainian special forces, a judge in Zaporizhia

In the Kuibyshev district court of the city of Belmac Zaporozhye region is judged 61-year-old farmer from the Donetsk region Nikolay, Butrimenko, who in 2014 issued Donetsk militants of the location of the Ukrainian military, resulting in their shot.

According to «Novinama» with reference to «national housing Zaporozhye» for a court hearing on 10 February came the victims — relatives of dead soldiers and war, miraculously escaped during the tragic events.

According to the prosecution, in July 2014, the 19 members of the 3rd special forces regiment from Kirovograd were found near the village Latyshev Mining district (about Snow) the pilot of the Ukrainian su-25 that was shot down by Pro-Russian forces yesterday, July 23.

Phil Nicholas, Butrimenko (01.08.1955 G. R.) from the village of dmytrivka was warmly welcomed by the military and asked them to spend the night in the hangar on his farm (he directed the agricultural company «named after Chelyuskintsev»), and he reported it to terrorists, who subsequently arrived at the scene.

The militants shot the hangar with machine guns. Part of the Ukrainian fighters (according to various estimates, from 7 to 12) died on the spot, the rest were captured, few managed to escape.

He Butrimenko abused prisoners, in particular, according to some, beat them with a stick.

As reported by the Zaporozhye mass media, some time, Butrimenko went to the Ukraine-controlled territory for a pension, but subsequently became more cautious and the boundary line was not crossed.
In June 2016, Ukrainian special forces detained him in the «gray zone» near the checkpoint of separatists on PPC «Marinka».

Now the accomplice of terrorists in Mariupol is jail. Judges from Mariupol and Berdyansk before recused himself. In a courtroom in Billmac not bring — is limited to videoconferencing.

At the meeting on Friday, February 10, the defendant’s lawyer argued that his client was not involved in the death of the military, and «merge» them to terrorists could other villagers.
However, all interrogated directly or indirectly confirmed: «passed» them, Butrimenko. One of the soldiers heard the call on the phone and said, «are you sure» and then went to the side of the village. After a while I came to the place armed militants.

«We drove five vehicles with Ukrainian identification marks. The BMP was a small flag of «DNR». It was misled by the staff. The fire was focused on the hangar and the farm. 12 people were killed. The prisoner was four,» recalls one soldier.

Also, two of the victims after the attack saw Butrimenko together with the separatists with weapons in his hands, he shouted insults at APU.

«I was forced to dig his own grave. Put this to the back of the machine. The terrorist fired two shots over my head … Lucky to Donetsk, as they called it, «the Gestapo DNR». In four days, abused, used current. Then woke up already in the chamber. Each interviewed different people. 14 th we were taken out of the city. We then explained that taking on the exchange — and there passed the SBU,» — says the fighter who was captured.

«Indications of participation, Butrimenko in the attack [on] our soldiers broke clunky counsel to the accused and his version of the involvement of other civilian in the village that could take the location of Ukrainian military,» — said «Nazarus» in the Facebook message.

The next court hearing will take place on 21 February.

Earlier the border guards of Kherson detachment of the Azov-black sea regional administration of state border guard service of Ukraine admingranitse in the Crimea found a former Ukrainian soldier, who defected to the invaders and left to serve in the Navy of the Russian Federation.

Farmer of Donbass, which in 2014 handed over to fighters of the Ukrainian special forces, a judge in Zaporizhia 13.02.2017

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