Facebook will facilitate user control over personal data

Facebook in the coming weeks will make it easier for users to control their personal data. This March 28 was reported in the company blog.

The social network will change the menu of privacy settings below the settings account security you can change from one page, but not with nearly 20 different screens, as it was before. Also, users will see how their data can access the apps and what – not.

Also, the social network has created a menu of links to installation privacy (Privacy Shortcuts) to monitor their own data in a few clicks. Here you can change the protection level of the user, for example to introduce two-factor authentication or to verify what information is available to other users.

Facebook will introduce a new option «Access your information» (Access Your Information), using which the user will be able to track your own posts, comments and search history and erase the fact that he no longer wants to remain in the public domain.

March 19, the newspaper the New York Times reported that the British Cambridge Analytica in 2016 has collected personal information of 50 million users to influence the election of the President of the United States. The company tried to simulate preferences of users of social networks, showing them relevant political advertising.

The Channel 4 News filmed on a hidden camera conversation with the head of the Cambridge Analytica Alexander Nix, who admitted that more than 200 times interfered in election campaigns around the world, including in Nigeria, Kenya, Czech Republic, India and Argentina.

On March 19-20, shares of Facebook fell 8% but CEO mark Zuckerberg has lost $6.7 billion.

On March 21, he promised that the social network will improve for the better protection of users ‘ personal data. Zuckerberg also bought ads in British Newspapers to apologize for any possible leakage.

Because of the scandal their profiles deleted from Facebook of Tesla and SpaceX, as well as Playboy magazine.

Facebook will facilitate user control over personal data 29.03.2018

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