Facebook introduces a system to combat fake news

In German «Facebook» will be the special arrangements to combat false news, network users will be easier to report that the news is not true.

The company also reported that a check of the news will some side, especially for the hired organization, says Deutsche Welle.

Unreliable news will be marked with a special sign.

It is expected that the new mechanism will begin in Germany in the coming weeks, and eventually will take similar steps in other countries.

In September of this year, Germany will hold an election. Many German politicians are afraid that before the election in social networks there will be many false information.

The Ministry of justice has repeatedly reminded the social network that the legislation on defamation in Germany are stricter than in the United States.

German media reported on the bill, which envisages the imposition of fines for social networking, which did not remove fake news.

Many German politicians fear that Russian hackers can try to interfere in the election campaign and the elections themselves in the country.

Facebook introduces a system to combat fake news 16.01.2017

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