Eydman: the new term of Putin — war

The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin is progressing paranoia that becomes a threat to humanity, says Russian sociologist and political scientist Igor eidman. About this he wrote in Facebook.

«The new time – war. Putin made the most important pre-election statement that shed light on what he is going to do after re-election. It is no coincidence that this was done on the eve of his inevitable nomination for a new presidential term,» he said.

The analyst cited the President’s statement that all large enterprises, whether private or public, must be prepared for the rapid shift to a war footing and military production.

«He simply ordered the bureaucracy and business to prepare for war. Hinted the Russian ruling class that’s coming in the near future. War is the program of his new presidential term. Progressive paranoia of the dictator of a nuclear power becomes a threat to humanity. After 2018 to stop it will be even more difficult,» concluded eidman.


Eydman: the new term of Putin — war 23.11.2017

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