Eydman: the Fascist project of Putin absorbed the ideology of Russian reactionaries of the early twentieth century, mixed up with Stalinism

The Russian authorities are afraid of the development of a new democratic movement in the country, therefore, have dramatically increased anti-revolutionary propaganda television, said Russian political scientist and sociologist Igor eidman.

About this he wrote on his page in Facebook.

«State propaganda celebrated the centenary of the Bolshevik revolution demonstration on Federal TV channels «historical» films and TV series. They are revolutionaries (not only the Bolsheviks) were withdrawn at best cynical manipulators and foreign agents, and at worst the embodiment of infernal evil,» he said.

According to the analyst, this action is part of a new state ideology of Russia, praising autocrats from Ivan the terrible to President Vladimir Putin and «curse of any revolution and rebellion», which is supported by many liberal critics of Putin’s regime.

«However, the history of the revolution is much more complicated. In 1917-1921 years in a fierce battle agreed the proponents of different development projects in the country: Communist, liberal, democratic, proto-fascist. A hundred years have passed, but the dispute is still not over,» he said.

According to Eydman, the Communist project in Russia was a «religious doctrine», which involved the construction of the Kingdom of God on earth, and the Bolshevik leaders were religious fanatics, convinced of his mission to liberate humanity.

«After failing during war communism to realize their ideals, they moved on the siding of the NEP. And then Joseph Stalin revived the Russian Empire in the form of Oriental despotism, who had no relations to Communist utopia, except for the crackling of the ideological rhetoric,» he explained.

The democratic project of the socialist-revolutionaries and moderate socialists were close to European social democracy, however, focused on the interests of the peasants in predominantly agrarian tsarist Russia, the analyst continued. He noted that this project was supported by the majority of Russians in the elections to the Constituent Assembly.

«Elitist liberal project supported by the «enfranchised element», that is the bourgeoisie and a significant part of the intelligentsia status. He suggested radical political liberalization at a sufficiently limited social reforms,» – said the sociologist.

And already during the civil war, the white movement was formed «proto-fascist project», the driving force of which was officers, landowners, and the former tsarist bureaucracy.

«The civil war after Kolchak’s Omsk revolution on November 18, 1918 was a clash between white protofascist militarized and armed by the Communist sect of the Bolsheviks, who equally brutally raped and robbed the peasant majority of the population sympathized with the socialist-revolutionaries,» explained eydman.

He noted that during the civil war, the democratic project in Russia was destroyed, but revived during the restructuring under the slogan of political and economic democratization.

«After the victory over the Communists, during the redistribution of property in the’ 90s, began the implementation of a rather right-wing liberal than a democratic project. Then, under Putin, as in the White movement, «liberals» lost the lead to the Nazis (by the way, Putin’s Russia have in common with the proto-fascist white modes and monstrous corruption),» – said the analyst.

According to Eydman, in 2017 in Russia on the political stage featured the same four projects as 100 years ago.

«The fascist project of Putin absorbed the ideology of Russian reactionaries of the early twentieth century (including the whites) mixed with Stalinism. Putin was able to get to work on yourself as a convenient sparring partners like many «liberals» like Kudrin, Prokhorov, Sobchak, and fans of the Communist cult, which Ministers to the Communist party. Only democratic project poses a real threat to the fascist regime in Russia. He now has a chance for revival. The symptom of this is the success of the anti-corruption movement Alexei Navalny», – he said.

According to the sociologist, the fight against corruption in Russia is a struggle against the foundations of the social system that appeals to healthy social envy «plebeians» to «snickering» elites and therefore enjoys the support of the people.

«Navalny has yet to prove that the fight against corrupt elites – this is not a tactic, and part of a larger democratic project. He has no positive agenda for change in the interests of the unprivileged majority of the population, such revolutionary land reform. If the Bulk motion will offer the public of a reform involving a redistribution in favor of the Russians of revenues from exploitation of natural wealth (oil, gas, forests, etc.), its chances of success will sharply increase», – he concluded.


Eydman: the Fascist project of Putin absorbed the ideology of Russian reactionaries of the early twentieth century, mixed up with Stalinism 11.11.2017

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