Eydman: the Desire of Putin to destroy Ukraine trying to logically explain. And he, Stalin, was just sick with paranoia

Russian President Vladimir Putin, like his predecessor, Soviet leader Joseph Stalin, is a maniac in power, patients with «severe paranoia», said Russian political scientist and sociologist Igor eidman on his page in Facebook.

«The creeping rehabilitation of Stalin has been successful largely due to the fact that since Solzhenitsyn Stalin’s crimes was made to explain the ideological or even rational (Viktor Suvorov) reasons. Stalin – an ideological Communist or Stalin – hard Imperials to justify in the eyes of the Russians is easy. Now I do the Russian media. But Stalin was just insane. Clinical paranoia has turned it into one of the worst serial murderers in world history,» he said.

The analyst noted that the recognition of the «harsh truth» madness of Stalin would have made recovery impossible.

«Paranoid is very upset and can become aggressive if others refute or ridicule their overvalued ideas. Imagine this situation: paranoid said the head physician of the psychiatric hospital: «All the patients in my ward – Chinese spies.» The doctor is likely to argue with him will not, and just give the sign to the techs… now imagine that an armed paranoid seized a hospital… In this situation, the staff will be forced to accept any crazy idea,» he explained.

According to Eydman, this was the case during Stalin’s great terror.

«From the published archival material it is clear that Stalin sincerely believed in the most fantastic conspiracies and spy stories, including with the participation of the people is well known. First, these terrible subjects was formed in his sick mind. And then the tyrant forced the security officers to create evidence that his fantasy is not evidence of insanity, and the reality,» he said.

The sociologist added that in obedience to the will of Stalin, the NKVD «extort» the necessary evidence and, wanting to please the leader, have thrown a new «crime-of the fictional stories in the fire of his maniacal suspiciousness».

«It is impossible to find otherwise, some rational explanation in a bloody Orgy of 37-38 years, when the polls destroyed the user (and senior employees) of the republics, people’s commissariats, newspaper, military districts, research institutes, design offices… the Vast majority of the repressed did not pose any threat to the Communist regime, nor for Stalin personally. On the contrary, destroyed absolutely dedicated power, then the scarce qualified personnel,» he said.

Eydman noted that the radical terror weakened the USSR before the war and could only be caused by mental inadequacy of the dictator.

«Putin’s actions – for example, his maniacal desire to destroy the independence of Ukraine is also trying to come up with some logical explanation. And he, like his predecessor Stalin, just sick with severe paranoia. Putin lives in the power of delusional fantasies of conspiracy of the West against Russia and him personally (these concepts are sick not parts)», – he warned.

According to the analyst, in a paranoid picture of the Russian President conspiracy explains all imaginary and real troubles.

«And the revolution in Ukraine and the Chechen war, and the reforms of Mikhail Saakashvili in Georgia and falling oil prices, and the protests of the Russian opposition, and the actions of the world anti-doping Agency, and the scandal with Panamanian offshore companies, and the investigation of the expert group Bellingcat, etc., etc.. associated With paranoia and pathological lying dictator who first of all deceives himself, designing paranoid fantasies and threats, and then broadcasts their lies «the city and the world», – he stressed.

Eydman added that the Russian special services and the media, «in order not to upset the ruling paranoid», to support his own self-righteousness, occasionally tossing a false «confirmation» of these morbid fantasies.

«The saddest thing is that Putin, as in the past Stalin, not only hurts itself, but the total propaganda paranoia infects all of society,» he concluded.


Eydman: the Desire of Putin to destroy Ukraine trying to logically explain. And he, Stalin, was just sick with paranoia 13.07.2017

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