Exploration of Britain is confident in the Russian origin of the «Beech» shot down MH17

In British intelligence MI6 are sure that the missile launcher «Buk» that shot down the Malaysian Boeing flight MH17, brought from Russia. This is stated in the report of the Committee on intelligence and security Parliament of great Britain.

«Russia conducts an information war on a massive scale. One of the earliest examples is very intense, multi-channel propaganda trying to convince the world that Russia is not responsible for Downing MH17,» – said in MI6.

In British intelligence have no doubt that the Russian military was first brought installation to the occupied territory of Donbass, and then was taken back.

The report notes that there is no doubt about the involvement of Russia in armed conflict in the East of Ukraine «in all senses and purposes.»

The Boeing 777, carrying out flight MH17 (Amsterdam – Kuala Lumpur) crashed on July 17, 2014 near Torez in Donetsk region. Killed all 298 people who were on Board. 193 of them were Dutch nationals.

28 September 2016 in the Netherlands international investigation team composed of representatives of the Netherlands, Malaysia, Belgium, Australia and Ukraine, announced the interim results of the investigation. According to the Commission, flight MH17 was shot down from a Buk missile brought from Russia, from territory controlled by Pro-Russian militants.

According to the international group Bellingcat and security service delivery system «Buk» in the Donbass was organized by one of the then leaders of DNR group Frowning.

Exploration of Britain is confident in the Russian origin of the «Beech» shot down MH17 21.12.2017

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