Exploration has found two in the Donbass Russian General majors

To strengthen the combat capability of terrorists in the Donbass Russia has sent in so-called «L/DNR» commander of the corps of major-General Yevgeny Nikiforov and the General-the major of Armed forces of the Russian Federation Valery Esipova.

About it today, 28 February, informs the Main intelligence Directorate of the defense Ministry of Ukraine.

«Most alarming is the situation in Mariupol direction. At the direction of the commander of 1 AK (Donetsk) major-General of the armed forces Asapuwa Valery Georgievich (document cover – Primakov Valery Georgievich), 9 special motorized rifle regiment of the marine corps (Novoazovsk) enhanced personnel, military equipment and vehicles, as well as additional ammunition from the warehouses missiles and artillery shells», — is spoken in the message.

It is also noted that ongoing measures to improve the combat capability of 6 separate motorized rifle regiment (Stakhanov) 2 AK (Lugansk).

«Direct control over the activities at the site and at headquarters provides the commander of the corps, major General Evgeny Valeryevich Nikiforov (shields — Eugene V. Morgun), which in the Russian armed forces Deputy commander of the 58 Army (Vladikavkaz) of the southern military district».

Earlier it was reported that intelligence services Russian Federation intend to replace the «unreliable» officers of militia officers from Russia.

Exploration has found two in the Donbass Russian General majors 28.02.2016

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