Experts said that the hackers ISIS lacks experience

Hackers who work on the terrorist group ISIL, are not well versed in coding and creating an imperfect virus. This was stated by the cyber security researcher Kyle Wilhoit at the conference DerbyCon, the BBC reports.

According to the expert, created by hackers LIH encryption software is easy to break, and the majority of viruses produced by them, are junk.

Wilhoit noted that analyzed by the experts and malware so-called joint now contained a number of errors, and developed e-mail system contributed to the leakage of information about its users. According to him, hackers tools has not reached its goal.

Moreover, attempts by ISIS to raise funds through donations and bitcoins have used the crooks who began to get rich on this.

The expert said that the hackers of ISIS is clearly not enough experience.

Wilhoit recalled that there are many examples ISIS distributed photos of their «successful» attacks, and the photo there was the metadata that allowed to determine the location.

June 26 in the US, hackers posted ISIS propaganda on government websites.

Experts said that the hackers ISIS lacks experience 26.09.2017

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