Experts predict that after the new year the growth of prices for cars

Next year the prices of new cars could rise by 10-17%. This situation will affect several decisions of the authorities: so, from December 6 introduced in Ukraine in coppolino 12.12 per cent on imports of new cars from Uzbekistan, but from January 1, abolished the import duty of 5-10%. But since January 3 the special duty to earn 10-17% on a fresh import of cars from Russia. Finally, according to the Association Agreement, would prohibit the importation of cars from the EU, which do not correspond to ecological standards Euro-5, writes «Today».

So, the Uzbek cars — specifically, car assembled in this country (Nexia, Matiz, Damas, Lacetti Daewoo) can rise in price due to duty and VAT at 14%. 10% will become more expensive and European brands are assembled in Russia (Volkswagen, Nissan, Peugeot, Citroen, Kia, Hyundai, Renault). But directly the car manufacturers of Russia (Chevrolet NIVA, AVTOVAZ) will jump in price by 15-17%. However, so significantly the car does not rise: to keep prices will help the abolition of import duties of 5-10%.

«This means that car dealers will reduce the price. But only by 2-3%. That is, the car will rise on average by 10-15%», — says Director General of VAAID Oleg Nazarenko.

But how will be formed the price of cars. already former in the use, in connection with the prohibition of import of cars from the EU below ekostandart Euro 5, experts find it difficult to predict.

«Ekostandart Euro 5 for passenger cars is valid from 2009, that is, it affects the range of 2010. So, foreign cars older than 5 years in Ukraine will not be imported. It is doubtful that this innovation will affect the growth of prices for used cars because prices are affected by supply and demand in the market and the dollar. So winter and spring it is hardly necessary to wait for sharp changes in prices», — says the analyst Nicholas Roslichenko.

Experts believe that in 2016 the Ukrainians are traditionally the most active will get low cost car worth up to 15 thousand dollars. European and Asian production.

By the end of 2015, Ukraine will be sold to 50 thousand new cars imported from abroad, count VAAID: this segment of the market declined on average by 56%.

«Buy budget cars, costing up to 10-12 thousand dollars., and elite, starting from 35 thousand dollars. — dropped 30%. And medium segment cars (10-30 thousand dollars.) sank 70%,» — says Oleg Nazarenko.

According to him, Ukrainians are not ready now to risk: «Wealthy people are still actively interested in machines. Those who buy a cheap machine, as before, counting only on their investorvote. But mid-price cars, the Ukrainians bought mostly on credit, and now to risk.»

Instead of new, Ukrainians are increasingly buying used cars: the market b/y in 2015 increased by 10-20%, and may reach 500-700 thousand transactions.

«More people are buying used cars not only in the car or through the Newspapers but also on Internet sites. This is confirmed by the numbers: a day in the Ukraine can be recorded about 1.5 thousand transactions, or about 35-45 thousand a month», — says Nikolay Roslichenko.

Earlier it was reported that Ukrainians in November acquired 5 144 thousand new cars, which is 8% less than the October index and 24% less than in November 2014. Best in November, selling cars of the Japanese brand Toyota — 545 pieces. Thus, compared with the previous month sales of Toyota increased by 5%, while the November sales last year, it did not have 35%.

Experts predict that after the new year the growth of prices for cars 25.12.2015

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