Experts have informally confirmed the death of some passengers of the flight A321 in the explosion — media

Some of the victims of the crash of the Russian Airbus A321 airliner over the Sinai were killed due to explosion on Board. According to a source, «Kommersant», these are the conclusions of experts from Egypt, a country that formally rejects any likelihood of a terrorist attack, writes

On the eve of the French media reported that the black boxes of the liner «clear recorded sound of an explosion during the flight». Russian sources announced that the sound was, but to interpret it still failed.

Close to the investigation, the source said «Kommersant»: «Explosive» version anonymously confirmed who examined the body of the victims forensic experts from Egypt. According to them, the damage analysis, in particular the separation of many bodies into fragments, testified that some of the passengers of the flight died in the air from the mine-explosive injuries.

The newspaper reminds that weird flash at the moment of the disaster on the Sinai, as it turned out the other day, were registered and reconnaissance satellite USA — the first major, according to the revised data, occurred at high altitude in the air. This was followed by another two or three flashes and another near the ground.

According to a source, after research in the laboratory fragments of the crashed plane and taken samples of the explosive defeat of the liner can be installed with absolute precision. The remaining particles of explosives, he said, are identified by spectral analysis, and the nature of destruction of aircraft’s skin will indicate the experts on the type and power inherent in the bomb.

The specialist also suggested how this could be organised undermining: if the bomb was in a leaky part of the liner, for example in tail, by the explosion at high altitude could cause the sensor pressure drop associated with the fuse. The expert believes that the Sinai terrorists, which is considered very dangerous and well armed, would be enough skills to assemble such an explosive device.

The source of Kommersant in the TFR said that, if the examination gives a positive result, a criminal investigation into the collapse of the liner will be retrained on article 205 of the criminal code (terrorist attack).

In the week of «substantial probability» of undermining the A321 and its «increasing concern» about this stated in the office of the Prime Minister of great Britain David Cameron and the President of the United States. After these statements, many European countries, particularly the UK, Germany, France, Ireland, the Netherlands, suspended the flights of its airlines in Sharm El-Sheikh. On the eve of the beginning of evacuation of tourists from Egypt and declared Russia.

The main opponent of the version about explosion has been the official Cairo. Authorities broadcast data of the experts that the plane broke up in the air due to some technical problems.

The authoritative expert of the London Institute Chatham House Omar Ashour explains that this is due to concerns about the tourism industry: «They pretend that nothing is happening. But economic interests should not stand higher security». According to estimates of industry representatives, because of the departure of tourists from Russia and the United Kingdom, Egypt lost about 70% of the flow.

On 6 November the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has imposed a temporary ban on flights of Russian airlines on flights to Egypt. As explained in the Kremlin, this decision was made on the recommendation of the FSB in connection with the catastrophe of the A321 in the Sinai Peninsula, which killed 224 people.

Experts have informally confirmed the death of some passengers of the flight A321 in the explosion — media 07.11.2015

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