Experts have called the main disorders in the Ukrainian universities

In higher educational establishments throughout Ukraine recorded 381 violation.

Of them 101 the case of extortion.

80 universities does not guarantee the choice of subjects by students. In more than 150 cases, institutions do not provide full information about yourself.

Started in Ukraine submission of documents for admission to universities

On the first day of the opening campaign, the Executive Director of the analytical center CEDOS Egor Herd presented the results of monitoring of violations in Ukrainian universities.

You can learn about them on the website Profrights. Resource records registered violations and visualizes them on a map and with charts.

«Information we received from open sources: reports from law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, the police, security service, register of pre-trial investigations, messages from media, from teachers and students. They were thoroughly tested. Among all violations were recorded and 47 cases of non-compliance with the rights of teachers,» — said the Ukrainian truth Egor Herd.

Of the 101 cases of extortion unlawful monetary benefits were 26 cases of bribes in session and 24 bribes for admission.

12 stories, when students demanded money for settlement in a Dorm or forced to work in hostels (eg watch).

Illegal charitable contributions — 12, property — 17 cases.

As reported, for applicants were increased the state order and the number of preferential seats.

The submission of the documents exclusively in electronic format to higher education institutions applicants will begin July 11 and end July 28. All applicants may submit 15 applications in 5 specialties.

Experts have called the main disorders in the Ukrainian universities 11.07.2016

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