Expert Razumkov Center: Biometric control of the entry of the Russians — the eve of the visa regime

The strengthening of control over the entry to Ukraine of citizens of Russia and the collection of biometric data at the border from January 1, is heralded by the introduction of a visa regime with Russia. Such opinion on air of «Radio Liberty» expressed the Director of foreign policy programmes and international security of the Razumkov Center Mykhailo Pashkov.

«Create a database of biometric data of people who visit Ukraine for different purposes. This is very important – enter fingerprints, other attributes of biometrics. Create a database for contacts with Europol and other bodies. This is a very effective instrument of control over the stay of foreigners, in particular Russians, in Ukraine. Talking about the mode of notification and registration at the place of arrival,» – he said.

According to experts, Russia is prepared in the framework of a hybrid war to strengthen the economy and security forces of Ukraine should be ready for it.

«On introduction of visa control with Russia have been arguing. Biometric control from 1 January movement in this direction, the strengthening of control of entry and exit. The first concerns biometrics, the second messaging mode, the third control over the territory. These three points actually include a «threshold» of the visa regime, whether we like it or not», – said Pankow.

30 August 2017 the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko enacted the decision of national security Council and defense of Ukraine on strengthening control over the entry/departure into Ukraine of foreigners and persons without citizenship. According to the decree, the Cabinet of Ministers must make Russia the list of countries of migration risk.

A new entry will launch on January 1, 2018. Of border crossing for citizens of countries representing a threat to Ukraine, will have to have a biometric passport (if not, biometrics will remove the border).

Expert Razumkov Center: Biometric control of the entry of the Russians — the eve of the visa regime 27.12.2017

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