Expert: AMC deliberately delaying the process of issuing lottery licenses

The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU) deliberately delaying the process of licensing of operators of lotteries, trying to protect the interests of the parties concerned with the problem of the lottery market. This opinion article for the «RBC-Ukraine» was expressed by candidate of legal Sciences, expert of the lottery market Igor Galitsky.

As noted in the article, in may 2017, the Ministry of Finance has prepared and published a draft government resolution on approval of licensing conditions for lottery operators and sent them to the interested bodies for comments and suggestions. All the Central agencies that received the draft license conditions, among them, State fiscal service, Ministry of internal Affairs, Ministry of justice and others, participated in the development of comments and returned it with your visa or suggestions. The AMC did not provide comments on the draft licensing conditions and not endorsed him, although he was obliged to do it. Instead, the Antimonopoly Committee began a long-term study of the lottery market.

«On the basis of market research February 22, 2018 the Antimonopoly Committee approved the report, which actually expressed such comments, which is impossible and impractical to consider. Because some people just don’t comply with the law or duplicating already existing in force,» – said the expert.

According to Galitsky, the comments of the AMC set out in the report, can be divided into three groups: a) comments that are already reflected in the draft license conditions; b) observations, which are a copy or a distortion of the norms of the current law «On state lotteries in Ukraine» and other laws; C) comments that contain legislative proposals and require changes to several laws of Ukraine.

«Part of the recommendations of the AMC is impossible to carry the government at least because they relate to provisions of the law and cannot be implemented any other way than through the adoption of amendments to the legislation by the Verkhovna Rada. However, despite many ideas of where and what you can improve on the lottery market, the Antimonopoly Committee did not provide a formal response with comments to the draft decree of the Cabinet of Ministers in the manner specified by regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers, ignoring the already re-treatment of the Ministry of Finance on this issue», – he stressed.

Thus, according to the expert, instead of promoting a settlement of the lottery market and provide constructive comments, his actions, the AMC has effectively blocked the adoption of the draft licensing conditions and the long-awaited licenses to lottery operators. Such actions affect the actual execution of the state budget for 2018, which provides revenues from license fees in the amount of 352 million UAH.

Expert: AMC deliberately delaying the process of issuing lottery licenses 30.03.2018

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