Ex.ua resumed work on a paid basis

Ex.ua resumed work on the new domain. This is stated in the message on the starting page of the portal.

«The portal solution on the termination of activity have caused many issues. The portal came a huge number of requests, which now can be used to store files. During the existence of the service EX-files became a personal pension drive for many citizens of Ukraine. It contains personal archives, professional developments and personal collections of files», — stated in the message.

Provided that the service EX-files restarted on a domain FEX.NET (File EXchange Network), which is implemented on a fundamentally new technological platform that will provide additional ease of use.

«This feature set is basic and will be expanded. In the next two months will be implemented additional features of file sharing, including persistent storage and cloud streaming,» added the developers.

All mailbox owners Ex.ua will receive an additional extension on the domain FEX.NET with the same login and password.

They also thanked all users Ex.ua for support.

As reported, November 17, the Ukrainian exchange service information Ex.ua announced the termination of activity in Ukraine from 1 December due to threats, blackmail and DDOS attacks.

December 1, the Ukrainian exchange service information Ex.ua put up for sale your domain for $ 1 million, the proceeds will be spent on children’s surgery. Also the file sharing service announced the extension of user access to stored files and email on a domain Ex.ua until December 31, 2016.

Ex.ua resumed work on a paid basis 02.01.2017

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