Ex-Nightwish Turunen made in Kiev

Former Nightwish singer Tarja Turunen performed in Kiev in support of Kyiv Fantastik Orchestra and National choir of Ukraine «Dumka». About it reports a press-service «Block-Concert».

It was conducted by a descendant of the composer Nikolai Lysenko, complete with its namesake. «Vitayu, Kyiv!» – Turunen spoke words of greeting in the Ukrainian language. The singer presented a Christmas program and album From Spirits And Ghosts (the Score For A Dark Christmas).

The album combines different musical styles: dark ambient, ethereal, neoclassical and new age. The performance of the singer was made up of «white» and «black» parts, each of which lasted for an hour. Turunen in a white dress sang songs such as O Holy Night, White Christmas, Silent Night. Black she sang songs related to the themes Black Christmas.


Ex-Nightwish Turunen made in Kiev 26.12.2017

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