Ex-assistant to trump Flynn had planned to give Turkey Gulen for $15 million — The Wall Street Journal

The former assistant to the President of the United States Donald trump, Michael Flynn proposed the issue of Turkish preacher Fethullah Gulen, who is accused of the Istanbul organization of the coup d’état in the country in July 2016, for $15 million, reports The Wall Street Journal, citing sources.

Flynn resigned shortly after the inauguration of the President of the United States Donald trump from accusations of making false statements to the FBI and suspicions in relations with Russia. His participation in the plan for the deportation of gülen in exchange for $15 million investigating special Prosecutor, Robert Mueller, in charge of the case about Russia’s intervention in U.S. elections.

The plan for the issuance of Gulen, according to WSJ, may also be involved in the son of Flynn.

NBC, citing sources, said that investigators were interested in possible meeting Flynn with senior Turkish officials a few weeks before the inauguration of the trump in January 2017. The consequence considers that Flynn could pay and to give instructions in Ankara in secret from the White house. Familiar with the investigation sources said that Flynn could negotiate with Turkey not only to extradite gülen, but also the release of several Turkish citizens who are serving sentences in the United States.

Lawyer Flynn called the information «shocking» and «false,» according to Reuters.

According to human rights activist, usually by representatives Flynn not respond to every «gossip», but this time the charges «are so outrageous and biased» that they decided to make an exception.

In Turkey in July 2016, was an attempt of a military coup, the rebellion was suppressed within a few hours.

The authorities claim that the organization of the coup involved the opposition Gulen, and demand his extradition. Himself the preacher asked US not to meet the requirements of Turkey called Ankara’s request for extradition of a political vendetta.

August 4, 2016, the criminal court of Istanbul ruled on the arrest of Gulen. 30 Jan 2017 began in absentia the trial against Gulen. The Prosecutor’s office of Turkey’s demands for him to 3623 life imprisonment and 2923 years in prison.

Ex-assistant to trump Flynn had planned to give Turkey Gulen for $15 million — The Wall Street Journal 11.11.2017

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