«Evromaydanovtsa» Bell is credited with the killing of security forces. The GPU checks: was it self-defence

The Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine was summoned for questioning participant of the events of the Revolution of Dignity Ivan Bell , one of the heroes of the documentary film «Captives» — who told, what supposedly on 20 February 2014 killed on the Maidan two security officers, but he did not appear for interrogation, according to «BBC Ukraine «with reference to the Agency.

According to «Interfax-Ukraine», the head of the Department of special investigations of the Prosecutor General Sergei Gorbatyuk in the course of the «round table» on the status of the investigation of crimes against the participants of the revolution of Dignity on Friday 19 February in Kiev, said that the PGO is investigating in relation to statements of Bell about these murders, the investigation must determine whether it was murder or self-defense.

According to him, in those conditions really were cases «when law enforcement officers created a situation in which protesters hit the conditions of necessary defence or extreme necessity that saves them from criminal responsibility».

«Therefore, in order to make such a decision, all circumstances must be investigated by the investigation and established the suspects, who told about the circumstances of these actions,» the Prosecutor said.

According to information from open sources, Bell — Euromaidan activist, the commander of the battalion «West-2», participant of the ATO who were awarded state awards.

The film «Prisoners» is published in Ukraine on the big screens on February 25, and the premiere took place yesterday, February 18 in Kiev.

Today, 19 February, in the online magazine «Bird In Flight «published an article, authored by Ivan Siyaka (note, Ivan Siyaka is a successful copywriter, engaged in advertising and PR-companies — Ed.) that day morning, when there was the shooting of the Maidan, Lviv Ivan Bell from the machine gun shot at least two officers from the security forces and wounded several more at his feet: «John Bell prayed on the Maidan appeared machines. according to him, in the morning February 20, allegedly arrived the guy brought a Kalashnikov rifle in a bag from-under tennis rackets seventy-five rounds. He also said: «I was Shooting to far from the square box behind the columns, on the third floor. From there it is clearly visible policemen with shields and Stella. I chose those who he commanded. The distance is very small, so the two commanders needed only two shots. Shoot learned during my service in the Soviet army. He trained at the school of military intelligence. Prepared to conduct operations in Afghanistan and other hot spots. They say that I killed them in the back of the head, and it’s true. It so happened that they were standing back to me. I have not been able to wait until they unfold. The rest I didn’t have to kill, just hurt in the legs».

As stated in the article, he shot, giving the appearance that activists have twenty to forty machines.

«It was a tough moment because I knew that could stop the shooting of children. Different people on the Maidan — I will not say who, but people with status — promised me that the cartridges will be. I believed, ran from place to place … the Most difficult moments in my life — complete helplessness. They say that on the Maidan there were a lot of weapons. But it is not true. Otherwise no one would have given the opportunity to shoot our guys. My hundreds were killed on Instytutska Igor Serdyuk and Bogdan Vaida. My victims are criminals, enemies. I have to say that other people knew how to deal with your enemies.»

Journalists «Modernogo of Lviv» took the review of the Bells on this occasion. He said that Kiev had actually met a stranger still the man who called himself Ivan Siyaka (documents, he did not show), and gave him an interview-remembering. However, about these two murders Bell didn’t tell and now he wanted Ivan Siyaka to refute published false information.

At the same time, Ivan Siyaka on his page in Facebook wrote, in part: «Ivan understands the risk associated with the recognition? completely, I asked many times. Bell never hid, and in 2014 was told it all on camera. www.youtube.com / watch? v = cZz_VOa9REA «. (Here is the video transmission «Poltina ovnica», LOGTRK program, in which Bell was told that on the Maidan there was only one AK-74, — Ed.).

In addition, Siyaka writes the following: «in discussions of Bell interview I see that many people not go in to details, and willing to challenge the basic facts of the shooting from the Conservatory «Berkut» on 20 February. In vain. http://www.bbc.com/…/uk…/2015/02/150213_ru_s_maidan_shooting «(the material «BBC Ukraine» dated 13 February, which refers to the stories of the participants of the euromaidan about the shooting in Kiev city centre 18 — 20 February 2014 — ed.).

«BBC Ukraine» notes that in the case that it is confirmed, this could mean that the truce declared on February 19, after the storming of the Maidan by security forces who first violated the protesters and not security forces.

According to Sergey Gorbatyuk, Ivan Bell first was involved in the case of murders on the Maidan, however, to charge him with suspicion of homicide it is impossible because of the decision of the Parliament.

«According to the decision of the Verkhovna Rada, all persons who were involved in any crimes against law enforcement officers (during the Maidan), fall under the Amnesty. Cases against them should be closed. They cannot be detained, they cannot be notified of the suspicion, » said Mr. Gorbatyuk.

According to him, the PGO is investigating as murder the protesters, and the killing of security forces. «And we have appeared as one of the persons that may be involved in the shooting, even before the release of this film,» — said Gorbatyuk.

He said that Ivan Bell that didn’t come for questioning as a witness, to call again, then if it appears, will be able to deliver power. «There is not only a Bell, there is another man that boasted in Facebook that he was engaged in gunfire and killed,» — said Gorbatyuk. According to him, the investigation examines such statements of these protesters to establish their credibility.

At the same time on February 17, the press service of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine said that the GPU was installed and the suspects was exposed a scheme of committing crimes against protesters during the events on 18 and 19 February 2014 in the centre of the capital.

Gorbatyuk told that on February 18, 2014 the protesters organized a March called «peace offensive» with the requirement of making decisions to exit the crisis, including by limiting the powers of the President. According to investigators, the then ruling elite was unwilling to make any concessions. The plan, developed by a criminal organization, was to intimidate the protesters and the population, breaking up the action in the most hard way, using law enforcement, as well as attracting representatives of armed criminal gangs and hired civilians, the so-called «titushok». As a result 10 people died, and hundreds more from all five hundred of victims caused serious and moderate injuries.

As reported Gorbatyuk, during acceleration of the «Peace March» protesters were forced to respond with violence to defend themselves from illegal actions of militiamen that were used for the subsequent application of forces and weapons from the storming of the Maidan under the guise of «fighting terrorism». Actually there was another illegal attempt to forcibly disperse the protesters».

Yesterday, February 18, Mr. Yan said that in the case of the investigation of crimes during Euromaidan are 276 people. According to the PGO, February 20, 2014 «the aunts» of power from the warehouses of the Ministry of internal Affairs was distributed to 408 room, and about 90 thousand rounds. The special division «Berkut» had prior weapons until the shooting of protesters on Maidan Nezalezhnosti in February 2014, the actions of the Berkut have signs of a terrorist attack.

«Evromaydanovtsa» Bell is credited with the killing of security forces. The GPU checks: was it self-defence 19.02.2016

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