Eurovision is introducing a new voting system

61 song contest «Eurovision» will be held a completely different scheme of charge of points for presentation. The organizers changed the system of assessment to avoid situations when some of the players did not score any points. This year the professional jury and the audience will rate the performers, The Guardian reports.

In 2016 the 10 best songs will receive points separately from the viewers (those 1-8, 10 and 12) and separate points from the jury (1-8,10 and 12). And now the jury and the audience will vote for the same artists, so theoretically each country can award a song as much as 24 points.

The results will also take place in two stages. First, each of the 43 countries will call the points awarded by the jury, and then will be announced the results of voting viewers. And shall call immediately the total amount of points awarded to each by the audience of all the participating countries.

Now country party awards 10 points best, in her opinion, artists. Awarded 1-8, 10 and 12 points. Moreover, the distribution of points considered and the results of the audience voting and the judges ‘ scores.

The organizers hope that now that will be played twice more points, are countries that do not get votes and will finish the contest with zero. As it was, for example, with the British Duo Jemini in 2003.

It is also expected that the new system results are announced, when the presenters of the contest will be announced by the audience awarded points, starting with a song that has the least points after the vote of the jury, will add dynamics to the contest. In recent years, the name of the winner is usually clear long before the end of the announcement of results.

We will remind, on February 14 became known the names of all the finalists in the Ukrainian selection for the «Eurovision 2016».

Eurovision is introducing a new voting system 19.02.2016

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