EU: state propaganda zombifies the Russians on the theme «Third world war»

Last week Pro-Kremlin disinformation campaign centered on two main themes – the opposition of Westerners and Russians, in particular, in matters of religion, and preparing for a large-scale war. On 16 February 2016 reports «European true» with reference to the next issue of the review DisinfoReview, prepared in the office of the high representative of the Union for foreign Affairs and security policy Mogherini Federica, which refutes the myths of Russian propaganda.

The reviewers, first, noticed a very strong focus on the message that people in the West are different from people in Russia: they are against Christianity, and against (Russian) Orthodoxy in particular; and they deny the right of existence of Russia and Russians.

«And secondly, we saw an increase of materials on the topic of war. A huge number of Pro-Kremlin media reported that Ukraine/Turkey/NATO/Crimean Tatars/USA/UK/West in General are preparing for war, in some cases, even the third world war», — stated in the material.

The reviewers cite a few quotations from the programmes on the national channels. Whether it is USA trying to provoke a major military conflict with Russia in Syria; or the West, preparing the population for nuclear war with Russia; or the Turks who allegedly arming the Crimean Tatars and ISIS militants for the war in the Crimea.

You can also find messages like «Poroshenko threatens to invade Russia in ten days», or «NATO is leading the world to a third world war.» In all the histories of Russia has always opposed one the rest of the world.

The recent meeting of Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill was used by Pro-Kremlin media to once again attack the Western society.

First, spread dezinformiruet distorted quote the Pope, who allegedly claimed that Vladimir Putin is the only who can save the Christians. Next, the Russian media continued, arguing that Western people deny the Russians the right to exist.

«In the TV show «Most» host and guest even agreed with the «fact» that Pope Francis actually declared himself the enemy of Orthodoxy», — said the European experts.

One of the dominant trends is still an aggressive disinformation campaign to discredit Ukraine as a state, and Ukrainians as a people and the Ukrainian authorities.

In the latter materials the Kremlin mass-media was not only an old repetition of a «fascist coup», «the ISIL militants, prisoedinimsa to Ukrainian forces», or distorted the facts about the tragedy of MH17.

«We also saw that increasing attempts to rewrite the history of the annexation of Crimea by Russia. Only in the last two days the Minister of foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov and first Deputy Chairman of the Committee of defence and security, Federation Council Frants Klintsevich contended that Russia was forced to resort to territorial expansion, because the Russians in the Crimea could have probably killed», — stated in the review.

According to the author of the books «FSB blows up Russia» and «the Corporation. Russia and the KGB in the days of President Putin’s» Russian-American historian Yuri Felshtinsky, President Putin continues to prepare Russia for world war II, despite economic decline and the «stalled» the aggression against Ukraine.

EU: state propaganda zombifies the Russians on the theme «Third world war» 17.02.2016

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