EU Commissioner Sefcovic going to Moscow to negotiate gas transit to Ukraine — media

European Commissioner for energy Union Maros Sefcovic in the near future to visit Moscow for talks on the «winter package» of gas supplies to Ukraine. About it reports «European Pravda» citing its own sources in Brussels.

«In the near future, the European Commissioner Sefcovic will visit Moscow. And not only to discuss the terms of the winter package, but also for talks regarding the fact that Ukraine remains an important transit partner and after 2018,» he said.

Note, for 2018 in Russia planned another «reelection» of Vladimir Putin as President, then as a radical part of the local opposition has openly stated that it plans by 2017 the conduct of the revolution and the future, «the Tribunal» over the main representatives of the ruling now in Russia the political regime.

The source confirmed that we are talking about the visit, which will take place in the framework of the negotiations on gas supplies to Ukraine and uninterrupted transit. «These talks will be held in the framework of the tripartite consultations (between Ukraine, EU and Russia)», — he added.

The source noted that the meetings to be held both at government level and with «Gazprom». However, it is advised not to expect significant gains after this visit.

«I don’t expect there will be some solution right now. This is only the first negotiations. But in the end we hope for the success of negotiations on the winter package,» said the EU representative.

On 15 November, Parliament asked the EU about the risks on construction of transit gas pipelines to bypass Ukraine.

At the same time «Naftogaz» assures that if the Ukrainian side wins against «Gazprom» in the Stockholm arbitration, the Russian monopolist will have for the transit of its product on the territory of Ukraine to pay $ 4 billion more expensive.

EU Commissioner Sefcovic going to Moscow to negotiate gas transit to Ukraine — media 24.11.2016

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