Estonian military will teach Iraq to fight with Islamic state

Estonian military can be sent to Iraq to train fighters against ISIS.

It is reported Postimees, reports «UKRINFORM».

«One of the options of such a mission (the new mission of the Scout troops of the battalion after working in Afghanistan) is the fight against ISIS in the coalition in Iraq and Turkey. Estonia’s military will not take part in hostilities, and to engage in the training of soldiers», — stated in the message.

As noted, last week was drafted a report that can form the basis for the decision on sending troops to Iraq. The decision to send or not to send soldiers abroad to take the Estonian Parliament.

Despite the fact that Estonia already has provided indirect support to the coalition against ISIL (for example, Iraq was given about 50 machine guns, which were at the disposal of the Estonian army from the Soviet era), directly to the Estonian military in this fight did not participate.

If the decision about sending the military to combat ISIL will still be accepted, the Estonian subsidiary is likely to serve in Central Iraq in the Anbar province. The subdivision is constantly changing.

Earlier it was reported that a group of Shiite militias and the ruling Alliance of Iraq has called on the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to ask Russia to carry out air strikes on «Islamic state» in the country.

Estonian military will teach Iraq to fight with Islamic state 26.10.2015

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