Estonia is preparing a plan in case of war

In the capital of Estonia with the Department of municipal police of Tallinn from December 1, proceeds to the work of the special working group on the drafting of the plan in the event of military or other crisis situation, writes «Interfax-Ukraine» with reference to the newspaper «Eesti Paevaleht».

The establishment of a crisis group is conducted on the basis of the law on local self-government, according to which, in the case of high alert, martial law, mobilization and demobilization the government should set up the social care of people affected by military actions, as well as families of persons engaged in performance of military duties.

In addition, government regulation creates the concept of protection of population in case of military attack or natural disaster. It must be submitted to the government for consideration in early 2017.

As stated by the head created by the Ministry of internal Affairs and the State office of the special operational group Margot Claus, «a natural disaster is not preventable, and military risks accurately can be lowered». «The fact that residents are well prepared — one of the arguments in order not to attack», — he said.

On 13 October, the government approved the plan of compulsory service for the disposal of property in crisis situations that will determine what property and the terms on which the state can dispose of private individuals and enterprises in order to warfare.

He told reporters, introducing this program, the defense Minister Hannes Hanso «this primarily applies to vehicles.»

The list and the other volumes belonging to the expropriation of property and services will be presented to the government after further analysis.

Previously Lithuania was returned to permanent conscription.

Estonia is preparing a plan in case of war 17.10.2016

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