Estates of Yanukovych and Pshonka two years later, he stole the toilets, sockets and switches from the bath

Exactly two years have passed since the Maidan activists have taken under protection the residence of ex-President Viktor Yanukovych Mezhyhiria. Later, they found another mansion a cursory guarantor’s «Honky-2» on the territory of the forest in sukholuchye. For a long time this estate was under the protection of a battalion «Kiev-2», but in the autumn of soldiers sent to the East, and a hunting Lodge was easy pickings for looters, writes «Today».

According to the commandant Mezhyhirya Denis Trakatelis, the fact of looting in «Honke-2» revealed about a week ago. «We recently took custody of looted last year the summer residence of the former generator Viktor Pshonka, which is also in Sukholuchye near «Honka-2″. I decided to explore the home of former President and found that the thieves had been here: the hunting Lodge was uncovered, and in one place a brick smashed the glass door. From the house took everything from expensive electronics and ending with toilets and even outlets! From the former luxury was only chandeliers, a few tables and chairs,» says Trakatellis,

He asked the Prosecutor: «From Vyshgorod police arrived. They examined the house and sealed it off». «In fact was opened criminal proceedings under article «Theft» (till 6 years of prison). Also on site is now constantly on duty police officers», — is spoken in the police of Kiev region. And I explain: they were ready to take the country under the protection of two years ago. But activists assured them that help themselves.

Now wrought iron gates at the entrance to the hunting ground are closed, outsiders are not allowed here. On the road that leads past the spacious fields quietly strolling herds of deer. The complex is surrounded by a high fence — the same as the residence in mezhigorye. Behind it is a «Honka-2» — a spacious two-storey wooden house. Near him are two policemen with machine guns. «All the doors in «Honky» is sealed, and the one that threw a brick, we closed the plastic door,» says volunteer Alexander Soroka. Next to the «Honka» is a small Church, and bath complex. The entrances to these buildings are also sealed. The Church was more fortunate, activists say: it stayed and icons, and the altar, and two bells. But the bath stole everything: equipment and utensils, and even brooms!

What was most impressive here, according to activists, is an indoor shooting range. «Judging by the amount of shell casings lying around here, he was particularly popular with the former President. Targets here, along with replicas of wild animals that have served and five mannequins — they literally riddled to pieces! Fired at them not only from hunting rifles, but machine guns,» says Forty. On the left side of «Honky-2» — two small houses for workers. Here, too, made furniture, plumbing, air conditioning.

Country manor ex-genbroker Viktor Pshonka, located nearby, is in a worse condition than before. There are two two-storey dwelling house and garage, and on the beach — terrace with summer and winter pavilions. But from all the buildings there were only walls.

«Even scraped the tile, cut down the wooden railing, removed the woodwork from the walls and ceilings to the insulation, window frames and doors! And on the terrace even tried to disassemble paving. In the same way — in the guest house and garage» — says the volunteer. Of the former greatness only remind empty picture-frames and drenched in expensive Wallpaper, some places remaining on the walls. In April, the commandant Mezhyhirya plans to start reconstruction of destroyed houses Pshonka to do there a camp for children of military.

The Prosecutor of the Kiev region said that last year the court finally decided to return to the state the site is 17.5 hectares in sukholuchye, which was owned by ex-President Yanukovych. «This site is estimated to be more than 7 million UAH. When it comes to residential buildings, their further fate is still unknown», — told in Prosecutor’s office.

The same situation around the residence in mezhigorye. In Prosecutor’s office note that continuing trials and about the land in Pidhirtsi, where the estate of former interior Minister Vitaly Zakharchenko. Another residence of ex-Prosecutor General — the house in Gorenichi, last year was seized. This home Pshonka marauders also looted: there is missing even a goat named Squirrel.

Estates of Yanukovych and Pshonka two years later, he stole the toilets, sockets and switches from the bath 23.02.2016

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