Erdogan: the complete withdrawal of Turkish troops from Cyprus «totally unacceptable»

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Friday 13 January that he does not consider the possible complete withdrawal of Turkish troops from Northern Cyprus and called this idea «absolutely unacceptable».

For his part, the President of the Republic of Cyprus Nikos Anastasiadis said that he is convinced of the need for full withdrawal of Turkish military for the success in the process of unification of the island, reports «Interfax».

On the eve of Prime Minister of Turkey Binali Yildirim will suddenly join the diplomatic talks in Geneva on unification of the divided Cyprus.

It was reported that, according to the UN Secretary General , antónio Guterres, leaders of divided Cyprus are close to reaching an agreement to reunify the island, but the key points remain unresolved.

The island of Cyprus remains divided into two parts since 1974 when Turkey invaded Cyprus in response to coup attempt unite the island with Greece. The island was divided into the self-proclaimed Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and recognized in the world the Republic of Cyprus in the South.

The Cyprus conflict is the main obstacle to Turkey joining the European Union because of Ankara’s refusal to recognize Cyprus.

Recall that in may 2016 the leaders of Cyprus after a year of consultation were in favour of unification.

Negotiations in November, have stalled due to disagreements on the distribution of zones of control between the Greek and Turkish Cypriots.

13 Jan 2017 international conference on reunification of the Greek and Turkish parts of Cyprus in Geneva ended inconclusively.

Erdogan: the complete withdrawal of Turkish troops from Cyprus «totally unacceptable» 13.01.2017

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