Erdogan is the head of the German foreign Ministry: Know a place!

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at a rally in Denizli criticized the words of the Minister of foreign Affairs of Germany Sigmar Daniel, which he called «unprecedented» call for Erdogan to German Diaspora not to vote for parties that are part of the coalition. It is reported by the Turkish news Agency «Anadolu».

«Who are you to refer to the President of Turkey? You ought to speak with the foreign Minister. Know a place!» – Erdogan said.

He turned again to the Turkish Diaspora in Europe, urging its members not to vote for the party, «trying to earn political dividends on the anti-Turkish rhetoric.»

«Today, I appeal once again to the Turks living in Europe: take advantage of their right to vote in the best shape and teach them a good lesson,» said the Turkish President.

On 18 August, the foreign Minister of Germany Sigmar Gabriel called the call Erdogan’s unprecedented, according to «Nemecka hvilya».

«Erdogan is seeking to incite each other in Germany,» – said the diplomat.

Erdogan called on the Turkish Diaspora in Germany (about 1 million voters) did not vote for the party included in the ruling parliamentary coalition. He called «enemies of Turkey», the CDU, the Social democratic party and environmental political force «the Union 90 / Green».

According to him, the German authorities are opposed to Turkey’s European integration and has not fulfilled the agreement on readmission of migrants.

Erdogan is the head of the German foreign Ministry: Know a place! 20.08.2017

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