Erdogan announced the attack on sacred to of is militants town Dabic

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced the beginning of a new phase of the operation «shield of the Euphrates» in the North of Syria — attack on the sacred for Islamists, the city Dabic (province of Aleppo), wrote

Syrian opposition groups which Turkey supports, publish photos from around the city, where, if you believe the predictions, to be held the final battle between the army of Muslims and the «Horde of infidels» — is one of the most important myths in advocacy of the «Islamic state».

About the attack on the Dabic CNNTurk reported. Erdogan’s statements also quoted in the official Twitter-account of the operation «Shield of the Euphrates». He reiterated the intention to establish along the border of Syria with Turkey in security area of 5000 sq km. Erdogan said that terrorists from the liberation of the city Jerablus and Rai: «Now we are moving in the direction Dubica».

The official Turkish news Agency Anadolu reported that Turkey has also prepared a proposal to the Ministerial meeting in Lausanne. Its essence is not specified.

According to Erdogan, those who tried to prevent anti-terrorist operation Turkey to Syria, are also behind the attempted coup on 15 July in Turkey: «Everyone who says otherwise are completely ignorant of what is happening in the world, or are themselves involved in these processes».

Turkish President also announced the intention of the military to participate in the battle for «the Iraqi capital» of ISIS — Mosul. According to him, Turkish military instructors will remain on the basis of BA’shiqah, North of Iraq: «We, together with the International coalition forces ready to deal decisively with terrorist organizations including DAESH (another name for ISIS)».

Dabic occupied by ISIS in the summer of 2014, the city mentioned in Islamic prophecy 1300 years ago. It should be the last battle between the Muslim army and the «Horde of infidels». Muslim Armageddon has become a fundamental part of the ideology of extremists, which is actively used in recruiting new fighters for the right cause, convinced that they live at the turn «the turn of history.»

Earlier it was reported that the military of the Syrian opposition with the support of Turkey and the international coalition approached the town Dabic strategic importance for the «Islamic State».

Erdogan announced the attack on sacred to of is militants town Dabic 15.10.2016

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