Epolets released an explosive clip

Odessa rock band Epolets released a video for the song «I wanna be with you». This is the sixth video of the musicians, says Gazeta.ua.

In the video words of the song are illustrated by cuts frame documentary footage and various items. The word «energy» — burst of light, «believe» flash matches, «destruction» the broken hourglass. Quick change of visuals meets the rhythm of the song.

«Our clip is the quintessence of passion. Anything that shows feelings visually, we joined in a dynamic sequence using explosions, event, female beauty,» says vocalist Pasha Varenitsa.

The song «I wanna be with you» became the first from the forthcoming album. Its output is planned for autumn 2017. Recording new material brought miloš sides of the group «Okean Elzy», as a producer. Officially, the single was presented on the live broadcast and collected more than 62,000 hits.

Previously «Haydamaky» and Tonya Matvienko has released a joint clip.

Epolets released an explosive clip 25.01.2017

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