Ephraim left behind bars. Husband Royal to take him on bail not given

The Pechersky district court of Kiev late on Thursday, 24 November 2016, extended for 60 days the detention of the former head of the parliamentary faction of Party of regions Alexander Efremov, reports «Еспресо.TV».

The court more than 10 hours were considered the request of prosecutors regarding the remand in custody of Ephraim.

In addition, Efremov declared that refuses from his lawyers and asked him to appoint a free public defender.

As stated by the lawyer of the politician Alexander Melnikov, the decision of his client to refuse the services of defence was allegedly called a «sense of hopelessness».

«The court has refused to satisfy a variety of applications that would objectively solve the case. The prosecution, among other things, gave the court copies of documents, which is a violation. Tomorrow, our client will appeal,» — said Melnikov.

Before that, the judge stated that the case was deliberately dragging lawyers Ephraim their ideas about the disqualification of a court clerk and judges. At the same time, defenders of Efremov’s claim that the case draws attorney.

Today, after a break in the courtroom there were people in camouflage uniforms with insignia of the battalion «Donbass». However, there was no collision.

National patriots, in particular, was concerned that if before midnight the court decides otherwise, the Efremov «will be released».

Also, MPs from the Pro-Russian Opposition bloc offered to take Ephraim on bail. In particular, the request stated Yuriy Solod, the husband of Natalia Korolevska.

Ephraim left behind bars. Husband Royal to take him on bail not given 25.11.2016

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