Ephraim is suspected of involvement in the creation of «LPR». The GPU will petition for his arrest

The former leader of fraction of Party of regions Oleksandr Yefremov suspected in particular in promoting the establishment and activities of the terrorist organization «LNR», said the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko.

Yefremov detained.

«A week ago we received direct testimony of the involvement of the citizen of Ephraim to the organization «LNR». Citizen Yefremov is suspected of misappropriation of property «Luganskvugillya» deliberate actions aimed at changing the borders of Ukraine, violation of the Constitution that led to the deaths of people committing organizational and other support to the establishment and activities of the terrorist organization «LNR», – said the Prosecutor General at the briefing on Saturday, July 30, in Kiev, transfers «Interfax-Ukraine».

Lutsenko also said that Ephraim will be declared suspicion within 24 hours, the state office of public Prosecutor will petition for his arrest.

«The reason for the detention was information about the possible escape of Ephraim… I personally link the escape attempt that Efremov knew about the testimony concerning it», — Lutsenko declared.

He noted that currently, with Ephraim, conducted investigations and announced suspicion to be during the day.

Lutsenko informed that the article of the charge of Ephraim do not include a measure of restraint in the form of pledge or house arrest.

«These articles, which are reasonably nominated Mr. Ephraim, under current legislation, do not provide for any house arrest, no personal commitment, no Deposit, only arrest», — said the Prosecutor General.

Lutsenko expressed the view that the measure of restraint for former head of fraction of Party of regions is likely to elect the Pechersky district court of Kiev, and she will be elected within 72 hours.

According to the public Prosecutor, at the moment, Yefremov is in the remand prison of the SBU in Kiev. Before that he mostly was in Ukraine, although recently he visited the Russian Federation.

According to Lutsenko, Efremov could signal the outbreak of Russia’s undeclared war in the Donbas.

«Yefremov, a very valuable witness can tell, how events developed in the initial stage of Russia’s undeclared war in the Donbas,» — said Lutsenko.

The attorney General said that «to give an assignment to the investigation to offer Ephraim agreement with the investigation».

«I’ll put the task of investigation after the arrest of Ephraim likely to offer him a agreement with the investigation. This will not allow him to escape responsibility, I am deeply convinced of this, but if a citizen of Ephraim will testify about the known plans of the Russian leadership, in fact, started unleashing aggression against Ukraine, those who first imported the Russian fighters on the territory of Luhansk for the seizure of the premises of the SBU and then the regional administration, about who is funded… I Think that the investigation will take into account his testimony. If he thinks about the future of their country, I think he should go on such an agreement,» — said Lutsenko.

Earlier today, Lutsenko reported about the arrest of Ephraim. Genprokuror said that the former head of fraction of Party of regions was detained «on suspicion in infringement of territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine».

As reported, March 31, head of the Department of special investigations the Main investigation Department of the PGO of Ukraine Serhiy Gorbatyuk said that the criminal proceedings against Yefremov suspected of inciting ethnic hatred closed because judicial examination did not see in his remarks of incitement to hatred.

Against Ephraim opened two proceedings: the fact of falsification of results of voting in the Verkhovna Rada for «dictatorial laws» 16 of January 2014 and for abuse of power or official position in the procurement of state enterprise «Luganskugol» provision of services for installation of mining equipment and low-voltage equipment.

As stated on 18 February Gorbatyuk, the Prosecutor’s office believes that the court is deliberately delaying the trial of Ephraim, who is accused of rigging a vote for «dictatorial laws» 16 of January 2014.

On 26 February the Pechersky regional court of Kiev refused to consider criminal proceedings as «dictatorial laws» and decided to refer the case for determination of jurisdiction in the court of appeal.

In June, the people’s Deputy from Party of regions V and VI convocations Vladimir Landik testified Yuriy Lutsenko with the participation of the investigative Department of special investigations of the General Prosecutor’s office against former senior officials under the former President , Viktor Yanukovych , in particular, about the actions of the head of PR fraction Alexander Efremov.

Landik, in particular, said that Efremov was involved in the falsification of election results in Luhansk region have agreed to take Lugansk Russia.

Ephraim is suspected of involvement in the creation of «LPR». The GPU will petition for his arrest 30.07.2016

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