England may receive its own anthem

Members of the House of Commons of the British Parliament supported the idea of creating official national anthem of England, having approved the corresponding bill in the first reading. Now the appearance of almost all sports competitions English teams vsebritanskuyu accompanied by the national anthem «God save the Queen!», the BBC reports Ukrainain.

«England need its own anthem», — said in the Parliament MP-labour ‘s Toby Perkins.

The draft bill on the English national anthem will be discussed in Parliament on 4 March.

The bill proposes to confer responsibility for the conduct of the national consultations on this matter on the Minister of culture, media and sport.

Deputy Perkins even offered to hold a competition in the style of the program «X-factor», to select the most deserving song.

Previously in New Zealand held a referendum on choosing the design of the new flag of the country.

England may receive its own anthem 14.01.2016

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