«Energoatom» requires Petrenko unlock the account, otherwise we can stop nuclear power plants, and 30 thousand employees will be under the threat of dismissal

Under the Ministry of justice of Ukraine are protesting more than a hundred employees of the state company «Energoatom». According to the employees of the company, they are outraged that the company’s account and arrested the work of the NAC is paralyzed, reports on Tuesday, 26 April 2016, «the Fourth power».

According to them, under the threat of providing nuclear fuel turned out to be the power units at the Rivne, Khmelnitsky and Zaporizhzhya NPP.

Without work there can be 36 thousand people.

According to the employees of the company, the company has debts to defined structures, which in «Energoatom» called «questionable.» Previously, there was a moratorium on arrests and the blocking of accounts, therefore, the decision of the courts on payment of the debt was delayed.

«Was the law on the moratorium on the bankruptcy of the company, because she was not able to pay off their creditors, as was payable by the energy market. Debt is very questionable. Company Ukrelectromash», which we supposedly have 127 million, is a company with unknown owners, beneficiaries whose roots stretch back in the early 90’s. During the time Yanukovych, in 2012-2013 our debt, which stood at 2.5 million hryvnia for nuclear fuel, increased to 127 million.

The absurdity of the situation is that due to the bad debt of a company with a strange past that your debt has accumulated, raised through the courts of times of Yanukovych, blocked accounts «Energoatom». «Ukrelectromash» is no longer working, shall not perform any activities», — said the head of the Department of public relations «Energoatom» Daniel Lavrenov.

His colleagues insist that the real fact of non-payment of the 2.5 million hryvnia dates back to 1996, and the main decision of the court in 2011.

«It started to occur after he has terminated the law that introduced a moratorium on debt recovery. There are parallel proceedings in Appellate court of Kiev. Here postponed the hearing on may 11, despite the fact that the account is blocked and we can’t buy fuel. At this time the State Executive service continues to deduct money from our accounts on «Ukrelectromash», — says the chief specialist of the press center of the company Peter Black.

Workers also emphasize that the Verkhovna Rada was taken a decision in respect of the law on the prohibition of the bankruptcy of «Energoatom», and after it was adopted, it was vetoed by the President.

«Our Executive office immediately grabbed her to arrest the accounts and to repay our debts to creditors, which completely paralyzed the nuclear power plants of Ukraine. Now we can lose three nuclear power due to the fact that fresh nuclear fuel is not paid for and it is not available on those units that are currently under repair. Is the loss of 30 million hryvnia daily,» — said the head of the Union «Energoatom» Alexei Lych.

In «Energoatom» note that this is only a precautionary action. Despite the fact that the employees requested a meeting with the Minister of justice Pavel Petrenko, he never came out.

«The President vetoed on the basis of the recommendations that was given to including the Ministry of justice that it will affect relations with the IMF, but no one any document regarding such requirements have not seen,» adds Lych.

The protesters do not rule out that the authorities deliberately bankrupt the company, then to sell it at a lower value close to the oligarchs.

We will remind, a moratorium on the bankruptcy of «Energoatom» President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko not renewed by March 2, 2016.

In 2015, the SBU accused the leadership of the company in laundering millions of dollars.

The main income of the National nuclear energy generating company «Energoatom» is the proceeds from the sale of electricity to state enterprise Energorynok.

«Energoatom» is the operator of the four operating nuclear power plants of Ukraine. Operates Zaporizhzhya, South-Ukrainian, Rivne and Khmelnitsky stations with 15 generating units equipped with water-cooled power reactors with total installed electrical capacity of 13,835 thousand MW.

The media has repeatedly reported on the current around the «Energoatom» long-term business conflict Mykola Martynenko with Konstantin Grigorishin.

«Energoatom» requires Petrenko unlock the account, otherwise we can stop nuclear power plants, and 30 thousand employees will be under the threat of dismissal 26.04.2016

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