Energo — water supply in the town is fully restored, but the heating system for the big frosts are not yet ready. Avdiivka coke is still on conservation

The power supply suffered from attacks by Russian-terrorist forces of the city of Avdeevka (the Donetsk region), completely restored, despite the fact that all the necessary work was carried out under constant attacks from invaders. This was stated by Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman on one of the TV channels, UNIAN reports.

«Electricity in Avdeevka fully restored. But as soon as the repair service has started execution of the works, the militants started the attacks, said Groisman. — Now our task is to support the residents of the Town, to restore normal functioning of the city, if it can be called normal, because the threat of shelling all along the line of collision remains every minute».

Groysman reminded that all the days of massive shelling of the city, all services were in constant readiness to help the citizens.

«Now all services on the spot. Everyone knows what to do to recover, — said Groisman. — We will do everything possible to restore the city to turn off electricity, but we can’t predict the actions of the militants. They at any moment can hit the power facilities».

In turn, the head of the Donetsk ACV Pavel Zhebrivsky reports that the plant began to put the broken Windows, garbage disposal, connect the objects to the grid

«To Avdeevka arrived experts-designers to survey high-rise, document destruction and technical advice for their subsequent recovery. Repair crews continue to glaze the Windows of high-rise buildings. Today glazed window about 100 apartments,» wrote zhebrivskyi on Facebook.

According to him, the state service of Ukraine on emergency situations has formed 30 additional groups to assist residents to repair private sector.

«All the schools of the Town are preparing tomorrow to resume his studies,» — said zhebrivskyi.

At the same time the largest on the European continent Avdiivka coke and chemical plant (AKHZ), which is a mining and metallurgical group «Metinvest», is still only connected to one power line and continues to be in conservation mode.

«As for Avdiivka coke — we’re still in conservation mode. Start the second part of the plant with GLP-1 (Main lowering substation — ed.) is technically impossible, the jumper on GLP-2 may transfer not more than 10 megawatts… you Need to clearly understand that a single entry of the city, the factory and DFS (Donetsk filtration station — ed.) of the four in terms of the permanent hostilities — it is too little,» — said on his page on the enterprise’s General Director Musa Magomedov.

According to him, the amount of coke oven gas does not allow to simultaneously heat the battery plant and to supply heat energy to the plant, so the impending severe frost may bring new problems for the city and for the plant.

«The amount of coke oven gas does not allow to simultaneously heat and battery, and the city, so the impending cold can bring serious problems. For us and for the city. I hope that by fixing the second input energy DTEK will be admitted,» — said Magomedov.

As for the restoration of water supply to the Town, the State emergency service (SES) reports on the execution of this task.

«As of 16:30 in the town of Avdeevka restored the water supply to the citizens», — stated in the message.

It is also reported that centralized electricity restored in the city. However, it is still de-energized are located near Avdeevka five settlements Yasynuvata district (Thin, North, Fun, Water, heater).

As reported, Avdeevka from the end of January, subjected to constant shelling in the city a few days had disconnected power supply due to damage to communications.

While utilities in a short time managed to restore the heat supply of the city and to organize the flow of water through schedule.

In addition, the city has deployed points of heating and food, which, according to the state service for emergency situations has already been addressed more than 10 thousand people.

From Avdeevka evacuated about 300 people, mostly children and patients of the clinic.

Social services provide people with food rations and warm clothes.

According to the Donetsk military-civil administration in the town were destroyed in one way or another about 200 buildings, however, hospital and point of contact work in the regular mode.

Energo — water supply in the town is fully restored, but the heating system for the big frosts are not yet ready. Avdiivka coke is still on conservation 06.02.2017

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