Embassy of the Russian Federation demanded from the British authorities to answer why will Kripalu not better

Press service of the Russian Embassy in London published a list of questions to the British authorities, specified in connection with the poisoning in Salisbury , the former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter.

In the Russian Embassy noted that the answers to their many queries is still not received, and has published a list of issues sent to London.

1) What is the exact diagnosis and as Sergey and Yulia Skrobala?

2) What treatment are they getting?

3) Is this treatment the same as is received Sergeant Nick Bailey?

4) is it True that Yulia Skripal regained consciousness and can communicate, eat and drink?

5) Nick Bailey was discharged, Julia Skripal is recovering, but why Sergei Skripal is still in critical condition?

6) did Nick Bailey, Sergei Skripal and Julia Skripal an antidote?

7) What is the antidote?

8) was chosen As the correct antidote?

9) It helped or hurt?

10) the Embassy immediately informed the British foreign office that the niece of Sergei Skripal requests information about the health of her uncle and cousin. Why did the authorities ignore her request?

11) Why is there no photo/video, confirming that Sergey and Yulia Skrypali alive in the hospital?

12) did Skrypali their consent to the CCTV footage of Salisbury was shown on TV?

13) If not, who gave consent on their behalf?

14) Can this person also give consent to publish photos/videos from the hospital?

15) Why consular officers are not allowed to visit Skrobala?

16) As a hospital doctor-protected from chemical exposure?

17) Can consular officers to apply the same protection?

18) Where, how and by whom were taken blood samples from Skrobala?

19) How was it documented?

20) Who can confirm that these are authentic?

21) How can we be sure that their transfer is consistent with international standards?

22) using any of the methods experts quickly identified the substance?

23) if they had a sample which you can use to check stuff?

24) Where did this sample?

25) nerve agents are effective immediately. Why this has not happened in the case of Kripalani?

26) Leaks suggest that Skrypali was poisoned in a pub, in a restaurant, in the car, at the airport… Which of these versions is official?

27) As a rapid policy actions correlate with the statement of Scotland Yard that an investigation will take «months»?

4 March 2018 66-year-old Skripal and his 33-year-old daughter Yulia was hospitalized with symptoms of poisoning in British Salisbury. The investigation revealed that during the attack was used that was developed in Russia, a nerve agent, Novichok. Prime Minister Theresa may has demanded from the Kremlin to explain what had happened until the evening of March 13, otherwise London would take an incident of unlawful use of force by Russia against great Britain.

Moscow has refused to answer the ultimatum of London, and demanded to give her samples of the substance that poisoned Skrobala.

March 14, the British authorities announced the expulsion of Russian diplomats 23, and the suspension of the planned bilateral contacts with Russia. March 17, Russia declared a persona non grata 23 British diplomats.

After Britain the Russian diplomats sent to about 30 countries. A number of countries from Russia called their ambassadors for consultations. NATO also withdraws the accreditation of seven Russian representatives to the Alliance.

On 29 March it became known that Yulia Skripal came to himself and began to speak, and March 30, the doctors said that she was in the hospital began to eat and drink. The Russian Embassy demanded that he give them access to recovering Yulia Skripal.

Embassy of the Russian Federation demanded from the British authorities to answer why will Kripalu not better 31.03.2018

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